Scientists are Keeping a Friendly Eye on Elena Danaan — Galactic Anthropology

( Les Scientifiques gardent un œil amical sur Elena Danaan ) During the interview between Dr. Michael Salla and Dave Rossi on December 29, 2022 (1) they not only talked about how Dave suddenly was able to easily see patterns and understand complicated scientific equations (2), they also mentioned a certain French archeologist. I have taken […]

Scientists are Keeping a Friendly Eye on Elena Danaan — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Scientists are taking what Ms. Danaan is presenting seriously. Now, can people get over their xenophobia? Earth humanity has been conditioned (on purpose) to be afraid of ETs, all ETs, even the benevolent ones… to believe they are “evil”, from Satan, fallen angels… and other primitive beliefs. Get over it, people. Humanity has never been alone and we’re not the only ones who make this planet our home. Scientists need to understand that everything in the Universe is consciousness, frequency, and resonance. It is as simple as that. Everything material or manifested is part of one greatest consciousness, what we call “God” or Source. We belong to it; we are a part of it. Rather than separating everything out and labeling them, see how they function as one unit, one synchronistic Whole, just like our cells and bodies, how the planets and suns work together to create balance and harmony.

Elena has made great sacrifices to be able to present her material and is doing a great job of it. And it is up to each of us to raise our own frequency so we, too, can interact in person with the Galactics, who are our brothers and sisters from other worlds.


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