New Super Moon in Aquarius 21st Jan 2023

New Super Moon in Aquarius 21st Jan 2023

Pam Gregory Astrology

  • watershed year for humanity
  • lot of crumbling of the old order; chaos and collapse of old systems
  • Energy is stronger in 2nd 1/2 of January
  • Mars moves stationary direct in Gemini, out of bounds, extreme expression
  • Jupiter is moving through Mars, assertive energy, initiating projects, stay in peace will disfuse aggressive energies
  • 14th Sun squared Eris
  • Issues with power, become balanced
  • Jupiter, altruistic
  • 18th, Mercury moving direct
  • Uranus on 22nd moves stationary/direct in Taurus
  • Very powerful moon – Uranian expression, lightning, earthquakes, political/financial, disclosure, clarity
  • Uranus is the ruler of the new super moon in Aquarius
  • Sign of rebel, maverick, revolutionary
  • All planets moving direct, sense of momentum, acceleration…
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