Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…

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Liar, liar, Pants on Fire

The title is a reference to the Mockingbird media which continues to spout their out-worn lies and propaganda even as millions of Americans wake up and start digging for the Truth.

Notes to Readers:

Last night 1/10/23, Holly Celiano and Brock Adams gave a presentation on NESARA, GESARA and the RV. I am just including a few of the answers Holly has given regarding what people believe is truth… By adding my input, I am not attempting to outshine Holly. She is an expert in NESARA, GESARA, and the RV. I am not. I follow her work and trust her implicitly. I am merely adding on what I have learned during this journey, especially during the past two to three years. First, we start with Holly:

Well I just read through the 400 plus messages from last nights discussion. I will say many of you are are still operating from what you were told and think is truth. The truth will not be for everyone. The truth will shock and shatter you to your very core. That is why the governments don’t disclose it because everything you think about our existence and what they “set up” to control us has been so fabricated. If you tell a lie over and over and enough times people will believe it. In reading the comments, many who are part of these rooms still have blinders on and only will believe some thing’s but reject many other things. The way to break out of the matrix hive mind is to open up to any and everything and let go all your beliefs and what you think is true. Not easy to do as our ego mind is so hard to defeat and break through it.

Maybe… just a thought… the fallen angels are us who fell in consciousness. That we used to live and vibrate so high we were directly connected to source (God). We fell in consciousness and veil was put between us and Our God connection and we live in our primal mind now not our God consciousness mind. Maybe… just maybe the rising of ascension is piecing the veil so that we can have direct connection back to source (God). How do you do that? You have to clear the mind of all the clutter and thoughts that keep you trapped in the matrix. You have to clear the body of all the toxins and open up all the pathways that are blocked. That is why it is body, mind and spirit…the truth is in plain sight, we need to open up (open the clogged pathways)to see it….just a thought….

Note to Readers:

Here, I have to disagree with Holly about humanity being “the fallen angels”. Humanity was a seeded race made up of 22 ET genomes, deliberately seeded here on Terra, planet Earth. The physical bodies or avatars were required to allow higher frequency souls to incarnate on a physical planet. Our bodies are not “us”; we are higher frequency souls that agreed to come to this planet, especially those who have come as volunteers (see the works of Dolores Cannon) or envoys (see the works of Elena Danaan).

If any have fallen in frequency on this planet, it has to be the hybrid race of human/reptilian Anunnaki, who arrived on Terra some 374,000 years ago, and interrupted (intentionally or unintentionally) a long-term evolutionary experiment made by ten ET races from the Intergalactic Confederation. The IC is based in another Universe and are capable of interdimensional (between universes) travel. They seeded humans here on the planet after combining the seed (ova/sperm) required to design physical vehicles for advanced souls. The bodies were seeded, but still had to undergo a slow evolutionary development.

Then, some 374,000 years ago, the Anunnaki, a hybrid race of half human (from Sirius B) and an undetermined race from the Orion Zone, arrived on Terra. When the Anunnaki arrived, ENKI (Prince Ea) was temporarily in charge of the genetic experiments on the existing human races here. Prince Ea’s half-brother, ENLIL (Prince Yu) is half reptilian (Nagai) and half Anunnaki (hybrid human/Reptilian) and the general in charge of the Anunnaki forces. Enlil wanted humans to be reconfigured into a useful laborer/slave race. A master geneticist, his half-brother, Ea, took up the challenge to develop a more intelligent human race. However, when Ea had studied the human genome, he began to recognize its potential, which was far more than that of the Anunnaki themselves. In secret, he sought to develop a highly developed human archetype which came to be known as the Adam. This new human was developed inside the huge space ship/station of the Anunnaki called Nibiru, and inside the ship (which is as large as a planetoid) in a special environment called an Edin or Eden. Inside the Edin was a huge garden. Enki was the “serpent” who sought to teach Adam and his later “children” what they would require to live on Terra. Ea has recently returned, bringing back the pure unadulterated Adamic DNA frequency code that will be added to the med bed technology being built on Luna (the Moon) and soon to be available on Terra for everyone. You do not need to ask for a DNA upgrade; free will is respected.

Enlil discovered his half-brother’s experiment and had Adam and the rest of the new humans cast out of Nibiru and sent to the surface, to Terra. They were not killed, as they had Anunnaki genome; Ea had added his own DNA to the recipe, thus creating an entirely new hybrid. This new race of human beings became the Christed bloodline, which the sons of Enlil have sought to destroy for thousands of years.

Enlil ordered his scientists to degrade the Adamic human, disconnecting the twelve strands of DNA to only two, thus effectively dumbing down the species and shortening their lives. However, there was no way to remove the remaining quantum DNA, which still exists at a higher frequency. As humans advance in frequency, these remaining strands of “junk” DNA will reattach and come online. This can be accomplished through inner work on raising the individual frequency and to some degree on the use of quantum technology like the advanced med beds. The supersoldiers used in the Secret Space Programs have had their intelligence, physical and mental abilities greatly enhanced through artificial means.

During the course of human history here on Terra, after the original Seeders had completed their mission of initially seeding humans here, they left the scene for several hundreds of thousands of years. If you listen to the presentations of Dolores Cannon or read her books, and now those of Elena Danaan, you will learn that the Seeders have always assisted their “children”, living among them, teaching them how to use plants, raise animals, build civilization, create laws, and raise children.

Prince Ea aka ENKI, former custodian of Earth

At least eleven or twelve other ET races from this galaxy, Nataru (the Milky Way) have also added their DNA to the mix until humanity contains up to 22 different ET signatures in its DNA. Not all humans contain all of the 22 races, but those who do are called the activators. Elena Danaan and Jean Charles Moyen are some of the activators. They underwent special missions to assist in awakening humanity as the planet shifts into a higher frequency zone of the Universe.

Now, back to Holly’s comments:

Our government sold us out in the 1950’s to get the ET technology. They could have made a deal with the good ET’s but they made a deal with the bad ones. Just because it was the bad ones does not mean their technology was bad. Our engineers have been able to reverse engineer the technology given to us and not all the technology is used for bad. Our cell phones today are from ET technology. We are over 100 years behind what the government has for technology that they use. The med beds they the military has is good and used for healing just because it came from ET technology.

Note to Readers:

The phase, “our governments sold us out in the 1950’s…” is a misonomer, at least to a degree. It would be more accurate to say, a portion of our governments sold out humanity. In the United States, after Operation Paperclip imported German scientists and other experts into this country, these individuals were carefully placed into positions of power and authority. When President Eisenhower and his administration were contacted by Gray extraterrestrials, prior to the meeting the President had been warned by benevolent ETs not to work with the Grays. The President did not want this, but the small group now called the Majestic 12 went ahead and drew up secret treaties with the Orion Grays, allowing for a small number of humans to be abducted to be used in hybridization programs and so on. The military industrial complex that Eisenhower had warned us about was eager to obtain alien technology. They were tone deaf to the entreaties of individuals like Commander Val Thor, a Taal Venusian, who was acting as an emissary on behalf of the Council of Five and the Galactic Federation of Worlds, benevolent ET organizations.

Besides that, the Germans were actively working with the Aldebarans, a colony of Anunnaki from the Jada system, through the work of the Vril Society, and later with the Ciakahrr Reptilians, who assisted the Nazis in building their Nacht Waffen, Dark Fleet, which engaged in human slavery, and infiltration into the secret space and black ops programs, building out the deep underground bases throughout the planet and invading lower frequency portions of Agartha, the underground inner Earth kingdoms.

The Nebu or Dominion and their on again- off again allies, the Ciakahrr Reptilians infiltrated and drove an anti-human Satanic agenda… for their own purposes. These “allies” were also competitors, and both aligned with the already present regressive Anunnaki hybrid bloodlines to what we have been dealing with today, communism, never-ending wars of agression, manipulation of humanity through MK Ultra mind-programming, Mockingbird media programming… genetic manipulation through vaccinations, and so on. When the Nebu and the Ciakahrr were finally driven from this planet in 2021, the White Hat Military Alliance, involving over thirty militaries, had to go after the remaining heavily infiltrated systems, institutions, and businesses… infiltrated by the Nazis, Freemasons (33+), Jesuits, communists, and every other ism known to man. All of these systems, businesses, and institutions are inherently corrupt and need to be taken down to the studs and floor boards, cleansed, and rebuilt into something that is suitable for all of humanity to live within, not ruled over by anyone or anything other than their inner communion with Source, their moral integrity, honesty, and incorruptibility.

As for technology, we are over a hundred years behind where we should be. The world would be a very different place had not the Nazis invaded/infiltrated the United States after WWII. Over 6,000 suppressed patents are to be released, plus the advanced technology obtained through the secret space programs, will be released after the Deep State minions and remaining regressive bloodline families of the Anunnaki are dealt with.

Med beds

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