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The False Pope

This year, in 2023, you will see the removal of Pope Francis, the 33rd degree Masonic Pope (he’s also a Jesuit).

This important removal of the current Pope, along with the death of the Queen, Evelyn Rothschild, and the recent demise of former Pope Benedict XVI, is connected to Military comms, that signal the END of the 33rd Degree Freemason control of the planet for a thousand years.

War Just Broke Out In The Vatican As Satanist Plan Their Big Event SATANCON In America!

Right now, through military intelligence operations in Italy, they are currently finding a way to remove the Masonic Pope and his evil influence that supports the false climate change agenda. DS military weapons (HAARP and DEW, among others) are actually impacting and manipulating the world climate. The Pope also supports the leftist ideology in pushing the transgender agenda for children, and pushing the bioweapon vaccinations upon the spiritual world.

White Hats in Italty, along with military intelligence, including benevolent Cardinals inside the Vatican, are getting ready to remove the 33rd degree Freemason Jesuit Pope. This is a message to the world that the 33rd Freemasons and Jesuits no longer have control over the highest levels of command.

Cardinal Pell (now deceased) wrote: “The Catholic Church must free itself from this ‘toxic nightmare'”

All [DS] 33rd degree freemasons include the Committee of 300, the S&P or Fortune 500 (public companies on the NY Stock Exchange), Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street, CIA, etc. All of these are organizations controlled through the Vatican by the false pope and the Rothschild Family.

All of these organizations are being put on notice that their end is near!

Hundreds of thousands of companies are run by 33rd Masons — when you see a STAR on their logo that is an indication that the company is under Masonic control. Converse, OnStar, and hundreds of other brands and companies use the STAR in their logos, a Deep State symbol for 33rd degree members to do business only with these trademarks that use the symbol.

Starbucks Logo

Currently, the bringing down of the Jesuit’s 33rd Masonic Pope is military operations and comms indicating their control is at an end.

The year 2023 is the year that the 33rd degree Freemasons, Jesuits, and Khazarian Mafia will try everything to cause war, death and chaos to escape their imminent arrests and executions.

The Storm.

Buckle up buttercups. Q

It all leads to military intervention.


The 33rd degree Freemasons, Jesuits, and Khazarian Mafia are in a deep Panic as the Fiat Money System and the Ukraine money laundering system are collapsing, with not enough money from the U.S. flowing into their system.

Now, with the removal of the 33rd Masonic Pope is a HUGE military comm to the Deep State that their top leaders, like the Rothschilds, Queen Elizabeth II, former Pope Benedict XVI, and now Pope Francis is to be removed as a signal of their Deep State collapse is causing panic among these groups.

The Freemasons control several thousand airports around the world and they plan to create chaos by stopping flights and blaming cyberattacks (False Flag).

The issues with flights in 2021/22 were only Beta-testing the Cyberattack operations.

This is the first time all US flights nationwide have been grounded since 9/11. Flights have since resumed…

Now, 2023, is the Year of the Cyberattacks. It is all planned to lead to a Nuclear Standoff.

But I have told you many times, there will be no NUCLEAR WAR… perhaps a blast in remote region near the coast north Korea (but not a real nuke.. Just tons and tons of TNT to simulate a NUCLEAR detonation)…

I have dropped the truth of the origin of Space Force Intelligence created by the Air Force and how, after 2010, they have energy weapons that STOP Nuclear Detonation across the globe.

However, the Deep State will try everything to escape the Storm of the military operations. The [DS] is fighting for their lives, and attempting to prevent their systems from being exposed. Everything leads to inevitable military intervention and military tribunals, exposure of the Plandemic, the bioweapons, the vaccination agenda, the World Deep State Agenda — the depopulation of humanity.


Note to Readers:

Well, this explains why there have been a lot of hiccups at airports recently, especially in the United States. The FAA is controlled by the Deep State.

These comms from Q The Storm Rider are amazing and assist greatly in filling out the sometimes missed details involved in this highly coordinated world wide military operation.

Per usual, this article, originally written and published on Telegram, has been edited and reformatted, at least to some degree, by myself, as editor.

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BTW, for those who are still staunch Catholics, the Church was infiltrated by Satanists long ago. The current Pope is a Satanist and pedophile. There are still honorable men within the Church, but the bad ones must be removed en toto before the church can be rebuilt. We may find that religion in general is superfluous to the needs of enlightened and fully activated humanity. The “gods” we have worshipped in the past were merely more spiritually (in some cases) and technologically advanced than primitive Earth humans. They, too, are humans or other extraterrestrial races/species born on other worlds, some in other universes. We are One, united in our connection with Source Creator.

Eliza Ayres

P.S. I am not planning to fly anywhere this year! OMG!

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