Why McCarthy?

McCarthy/< [ McCARTHY]

Trump pushed for McCarthy for a reason. We all know McCarthy is [DS] (member of WEF) and supporting Ukraine and getting billions to the Ukrainian money laundering system that returns the money back to the U.S. military-industrial complex system. In short, 70% of the money going to Ukraine is being sent back to the 33-degree Freemasons, Rockefellers, Jesuits, Rothschilds and Blackrock, who run the U.S. military-industrial complex. This MIC are the ones who create weapons and wars for money, profit, money-laundering operations. Trump is playing a game to expose McCarthy and the Deep State Republicans (RINOs, Republican in name only). In the moment, Trump must be the person who seems to unite the Republicans even though Trump knows the United States is a captured operation. The Courts are also captured by the Cabal Deep State. Trump knows a huge exposure of the CIA, Pentagon, FBI, and the Dept. of Justice (Just us, DOJ) is coming. NCSWIC (Nothing can stop what is coming). This exposure has already begun with Pentagon infighting, as leaks and more leaks continue. The Pentagon (Dept. of Defense, DOD) is deeply involved in the 2012-13 creation, funding of the Covid-19 Virus, bioweapons, and vaccine funding, and their connections to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the NIH (National Institutes of Health), Fauci, Daszak, etc. It is ALL connected to never-ending wars, money laundering and the U.S. Military-Industrial war complex Satanic system.

General Milley and Fauci

In order to thoroughly drain the Swamp means, Republicans (MAGA, conservative) must expose Republicans (RINOs), but this can only happen through GRAY HAT moves — good guys playing as Triple Agents.

Likewise, the Pentagon cannot be exposed without the Pentagon (White Hats) going after their own; which is why the ongoing leaks and the Season of the Whistleblowers is lining up to come forward.

The [FBI] will be exposed by ]FBI[ whistleblowers.

The CIA will attack themselves, good vs. bad [DS players/agents].

All of these moves have already been made… these are the Q operations: Follow the White Rabbit Operations, the STORM operations, the REAL > NCSWIC < Military Operations, resulting in the fall of the Cabal Deep State military intelligence agencies that have protected the Deep State players and their corrupted systems.

Trump is playing a very important Chess Game: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer > McCarthy.

Kevin McCarthy, Donald J. Trump

Trump cannot visually divide the Republican Party; he must seemingly unite them. Later, this role he has played in uniting with McCarthy will come into his favor as McCarthy falls. The truth is, McCarthy is also playing a role and is a triple agent (Gray Hat). He must play the part for the tens of millions of Republicans who currently support the Ukraine War and the Vaccine Agenda. Later this year, McCarthy is expected to fall or publicly flip and his division of followers will be Red-pilled, as Congress begins to go after the Ukrainian money-laundering exposure, crypto, Biden regime, etc. Like cards, they will fall down: Twitter, Facebook/META, Google, Microsoft, all of these Deep State controlled assets will be exposed, including the Pentagon.

You are watching a highly complicated PLAN that is connected to exposing the world Military-industrial complex system and the Deep State.

This plan involves exposing the United States as having been captured by foreign and domestic operations.

I have been telling you what Q has been saying:



Congress will expose the captured operations in 2023.

Follow the White Rabbit.

Musk and Trump are only warming up.


Retired General Michael Flynn

>]Cables: Expect Flynn to be indicted this year. Flynn has been playing a huge part as a triple agent since 2001.

Flynn cannot disclose Military Intelligence operations in public or private life due to National Security laws, protocols and procedures, but in a Court of Law, he can give up information where all the dead bodies are, i.e., intel information on the Obama, Clinton, Epstein operations, etc.

You have more than you know.


Photo by Joseph Ruwa on Pexels.com

Notes to Readers:

Another article from Q The Storm Rider, edited and formatted with additional photos by yours truly, Eliza Ayres.


You can find the original article on Telegram, https://webz.telegram.org/#-1459255169


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