Biden and the Classified Docs – Seth Keshel, Captain “K”

Meme by Jordan Sather

Once when I was deployed, we had a flight crew go out with some targeting packets that were classified “SECRET.”

Crews would
keep them in a breast pocket for reference in the air. Well, one of these crumpled up targeting
documents wound up on the ground at the flight line weeks later, past its usefulness.

There was a huge investigation into this accident that no longer had the potential to
compromise the operation.

That’s “SECRET” – operational. Now imagine “TOP SECRET.”

Let’s rise up to the 40,000 foot view, shall we? What just happened over the last 4 days?

1. President Joe Biden is smack dab in the middle of a serious national security breach. A series of crimes, if you will.

2. These crimes are so serious, a new Special Counsel was appointed within a week of the crimes coming to light.

3. I am NOT being hyperbolic here. All the evidence thus far points to these classified documents being of the utmost seriousness.

4. It is a CRIME to remove classified material from secure locations, transport it to an unsecure location and store/hide it there. For years.

5. Nobody has to investigate here to determine IF a series of serious national security crimes were committed or not. THAT’S ALREADY BEEN ADMITTED BY ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

6. The only things left to investigate then is WHO committed these serious crimes of taking these documents & storing/hiding them at these unsecure locations.

7. Given everything you know about the Laptop From Hell and the Biden Crime Family’s well documented history of corruption, graft, influence peddling & funding various exotic things overseas like human trafficking & biological viral research, what’s in these documents could be extremely explosive.

8. Don’t miss the fact the documents Biden was storing at these unsecure locations that were taken without permission are still classified. Unlike the MAL raid documents. That’s key. Here’s why:

9. You’re being told these CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS found illegally in Biden’s possession SHOULD BE IMMEDIATELY HANDED OVER TO THE US CONGRESS so the Congress can do it’s own investigation. That’s an extremely BAD idea. And I’ll tell you why.

10. The LAST time we saw the Congress handed key classified evidence in a major investigation it was IMMEDIATELY LEAKED TO THE PRESS. The Carter Page FISA warrant, given under seal to the Congress.

11. That Page FISA warrant was leaked to the press just as fast as James Wolfe could arrange it.

12. I don’t mean to shock you, but did you know that Congress is full of LEAKERS? It’s true! And anything handed to Congress, both sides of the aisle get their hands on it, R & D.

13. Does the leaking of classified evidence to the public by Congress help solve any crimes? By committing new crimes via the leaking?

14. People don’t want to hear this right now, but here goes: you can’t give classified documents that are part of a serious national security breach to the US Congress if you intend to prosecute anybody for this because half of the Congress will leak that evidence to the media to blow up your investigation. You end up compromising the evidence for the cases being built and you compromise the classified information itself.

15. As you watch this play out, pay attention to where the leaks, if any, are coming from. If Hur’s new Special Counsel’s office starts leaking to the press, that’s your first sign it’s a politicized probe. And that a cover up is underway.

16. You also want to look at what the leaks – likely fake! – are trying to lead you to believe about the targets of the leak.

17. Fake leaks are constructed to appeal to confirmation bias. This is why Muller SC fake leaks were so effective.

18. As you all know, while Mueller’s SC leaked regularly and often, Durham hasn’t leaked anything since he started in April of 2017. Smith hasn’t leaked in 3 months now, and Hur just started. The leaks, if any are ever coming, out of the 2 new Special Counsels will tell us something if we pay attention and look past the confirmation bias.

19. The leakers in & around the Mueller SC fed a steady diet of fake leaks to the media for 22 months, building expectations never delivered on.

21. Biden will not politically survive this. A Chief Executive caught in this kind of massive national security breach cannot remain in office. There is no good explanation for these documents being taken, being missing for 6 years, and then being found where they are that absolves Biden.

20. The difference between the Muller SC and Hur’s SC is that Mueller was tasked to investigate what is now irrefutably proven to have been a dirty trick hoax created by the Clinton campaign in 2016. Hur has been tasked to investigate a series of very real crimes involving classified national security material where much of the basic evidence of said crimes have already been publicly revealed and admitted to.

22. At some point, Hur is going to have to reveal, even if in basic generalizations, what these compromised classified documents are about, what they contain. That will tell us why they were taken.

23. If these documents really are about China, Ukraine and Iran, and the Hur SC determines Biden or one of his family members played any role in their being taken & stored where they were found? Biden is leaving, one way or another, whether it’s resignation or impeachment/conviction in a Senate trial.

24. Trump said the 25th Amendment would come back to ‘haunt’ Biden. Go read it in full here.

There are several reasons a President is unable to fulfill the duties of their office:

1. Impeachment & removal by Senate trial
2. Physical impairment/incapacitation
3. Death

If SC Hur produces uncontestable evidence that Joe Biden was materially involved in a national security breach, that’s a high crime & misdemeanor.

  1. As with Nixon, when faced with an impeachment & then a Senate Trial he knew he was sure to lose, if Biden surveys the landscape and sees the evidence is solid, and he’ll be impeached in the House and likely convicted in a Senate trial, he’ll step down for ‘health reasons’ after sending the required written notice to McConnell and McCarthy.
  2. It’s assumed the fallout from this scandal shall be limited just to Joe Biden & his family. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

I’ll end with this.

My friend @justhuman says this often, and it bears remembering and repeating often:

A lot of people out there are trying to program you.

Program yourself.

Both sides put out lots of disinformation.

Learn to stick with the basic provable facts, not the editorializing that gets passed off as news coverage.

Carefully examine every new narrative presented to you from multiple angles before accepting or rejecting it.


Seth Keshel – Captain “K”

Note to Readers:

The Democrats are throwing Biden under the bus. And the White Hats are in charge…

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