The Solar “Event” is Happening Now

Note to Readers:

Currently, it is my understanding that our solar system works on a cyclical basis and isn’t answerable to third density linear time or thinking.

Many so-called channelers and fearmongers have been advising humanity that there will be a major solar “flash” or mini-nova which would, indeed, profoundly affect the current electric grid and take many human beings out of commission due to their misalignment to the rising frequencies.

What these people do not take into consideration is the fact that several benevolent extraterrestrial groups, including the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the Council of Five, the Andromedan Council, and the Intergalactic Council (aka the Seeders) are present in the solar system. The GFW has the capacity to monitor and manage the emanations coming from our sun. In fact, these people are capable of terraforming entire solar systems, building planets… managing our small sun is not difficult. They are monitoring the rising frequency levels of humanity on Terra and allowing the sun to continue to bathe the planet with an increasing level of quantum/cosmic Light (information). The solar system moves through space, tagging along after its star and now is within a higher density portion of Nataru (the Milky Way Galaxy).

Our sun does NOT circle Alcyone. Both the Pleiades and our solar system on located on one of the outer bands of Nataru and nowhere near the center of the enormous galaxy.

Our progenitors, mothers and fathers, the Seeders, certainly do not wish to see their long-term experimental project on Terra destroyed — that’s us, Earth humanity. Our cousins, other human species from this galaxy, including many of the former Lyran races, the Selosians, and others have also contributed to the genetics of our unique Earth human race. We have the potential built into our genetics to evolve into a super race.

Our planet is not a flat pancake. The flat earth theory is ancient and has been reused by the Central Intelligence Agency to add division into the UFO/Truther community. Their plot, among many others, worked quite successfully. The planet is a torid, a sphere, and rotates through space. The moon is both natural and artificial. It doesn’t rotate, but always presents one side to Earth, which isn’t natural at all. There are very ancient bases located inside the planetoid which were taken over by the Nebu Orion Grays until they were kicked out of the solar system in 2021.

There is no presence of regressive extraterrestrials in the solar system now, which is being actively patrolled by a combination of Solar Warden, the Earth Alliance Space Force (made up of the formerly secret space programs of several nations, which is about to be publicly disclosed), the Galactic Federation (a military force) and the Ashtar Galactic Command (made up of primarily T-Ashkeri military mercenaries from Sirius B star system).

The GFW has been actively closing off worm holes formerly used by the Orion Grays to access this solar system. They have surrounded the entire system with a plasma wall, through which access can only be done by permission.

The giant space portal located near Jupiter is also being actively monitored and controlled by the GFW and the Ashtar Galactic Command.

As of November 2022, the Dominion (aka the NEBU) of Orion has collapsed. This occurred after members of the GFW were able to capture the leaders of the NEBU who had been stationed on Terra, as they were attempting to access the Jupiter portal in order to escape this star system. Placing these beings into immediate stasis, they were able to prevent the Grays from being disconnected from their Queen hive mind, located in the Orion Zone. These intrepid warriors were able to obtain the keys to access the hive and sent a virus through, which produced a total collapse of the Nebu Queen hive (organic AI)… an event which sent shock waves through the entire Orion Empire. Shortly after this occurred, the worlds of Sirius B started an uprising, freeing their planets for the first time since the Orion Wars! So, if anyone claims the Orion Grays are still present on this planet, they are misinformed, fearmongering, or just plain liars.

In case it didn’t sink in — our race, Earth humanity, was originally seeded here onto this planet directly by the Pal Taal, an intergalactic group of highly evolved scientists who actively seed life everywhere. Earth humanity contains ten of these races and was further augmented by the human species/races from this galaxy, including the former human races who were seeded in the Man system (Kepler 62, Lyra), the Selosi, the Arcturians, and Altairians, plus some hybrid races like the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki had more than two subspecies or hybrid race. We’re still dealing with some of them here on Terra after the removal of their regressive leaders like Enlil and Ninurta.

Go to the many videos of Elena Danaan as she has been giving out intel from the Galactic Federation of Worlds for three years now regarding these and many other developments.

The above is my present understanding of the situation in this solar system and is subject to change. You are welcome to hold your own opinion on the matters covered.

Another thing, members of both the GFW and the Ashtar Galactic Command DO NOT channel messages. Most of the channeled sources have been via Orion Gray technology, AI, and designed to distract and misinform those who come to rely on it. I know… I experienced this first hand.

Okay, I think I’m done.

Eliza Ayres

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