Does Meat Rot in Your Colon? (and What Really Does!)

Does Meat Rot in Your Colon? (and What Really Does!)

KenDBerry MD

Does meat rot in your colon? Is it difficult for humans to digest meat? Many vegans believe that meat rots in your colon, and teach this to anyone who will listen. Here is the anatomy and physiology explaining how this does not and can not happen. The human digestive system is designed to digest meat quickly and thoroughly. Nuts, peanuts, corn, broccoli, beans, oats… but never meat. Human gut cannot break down cellulose… fiber is waste, not digested.

Also, many pills and gum will pass thru undigested, because they are not food either…

Note to Readers:

Having some personal interactions with some rabid vegans, I was wondering what is true about our digestion. Personally, I can’t eat a lot of soy-based food… and most of the soy grown in the U.S. is GMO.

Just putting this up for general information. Use your own discernment; do your own research. The intake of food is a personal choice.

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