Project Looking Glass – From the Whistleblowers…

Project Looking Glass. From the whistle-blowers themselves. #projectlookingglass. (2021)

Unchained Truth Sleuth

From three different whistleblowers…

  • Time distillation, time distortion
  • Project Aquarius (Majestic 12)
  • cylinder seals, instructions for accessing wormholes
  • Could “peek” through time… pre-dating Sumerian seals from Iraq, Egypt, etc.
  • Looking glass technology was in Iraq (2003), equipment, stargate activating tech., accesses the wormhole
  • Stargates occur naturally
  • Dan Berish (sp?)
  • 19% probability of a “disaster”; 81% chance it won’t — the Illuminati believe a transition from one timeline to another; the Illuminati wanted to provoke this change…
  • Bill Wood, awakening vs catastrophe
  • Kerry Cassidy has interviewed these whistleblowers… for Project Camelot
  • Bill Wood was contacted by White Hat military who knew his top secret level
  • The timelines converged around 2012… we’re on a positive timeline now. The Illuminati could no longer affect the outcome by the choices they made; i.e., they couldn’t manipulate the timelines anymore.
  • Some “big” was coming up… The Great Awakening

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