JUAN O SAVIN- The Flat Earth Backgrounder Success and the Program *clipped*

JUAN O SAVIN- The Flat Earth Backgrounder Success and the Program *clipped*

The truth behind many of our Social Media Programming started with a three letter agency USING your data to BRAIN WASH YOU. Sorry Flat Earth folks but the data you love was FABRICATED the people you thought you were talking to.. FAKE Artificial Intelligence and you will have to be DE-PROGRAMMED once you listen to THIS. Juan has the experience to know about THIS and many other programs that now are being REVEALED by TWITTER. See the releases of data that ELON MUSK has exposed in the last three weeks. STUNNING. You will have to RELEARN most everything you read over the last many years. IT WAS ALL FABRICATED to gain a result. The WAR for your MIND. And dominance in Social Media. THINK ABOUT IT.

Flat Earth was a DARPA program… military… Deep State. Clear your mind!

Those who believe in Flat Earth are distracted, mind-programmed. You have been a guinea pig in a military intel program. WAKE UP!!!

You can find out more about various psyops used against the Truther/UFO community from Elena Danaan:


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