Charlie Ward Show: Part 3 – w/documents, White Hats Bringing Down the Banking System

PART 3: With Documents, White Hats Bringing Down the Banking System w/Emily, Mahoney, & Charlie

Charlie Ward Show

We’re watching a movie; everything you are seeing now has already happened!

  • Market crash
  • Central banks are all being forced to close or self-implode
  • Phelthora crashes, multiple black swans – 2.3 quadrillion $$
  • Federal Reserve does not exist anymore
  • U.S. Treasury owns the Fed and orders them to do… whatever
  • No logical explanation why the Fed would blow up their own balance sheet
  • Derivatives… boom!
  • Global movement
  • White Hats own every single dollar…
  • Cares Act is baby step towards NESARA
  • Treasury does not allow Blackrock to make a single commission…
  • Basel 3, Basel 4
  • Bretton Woods 1, 2
  • Bretton Woods 3 is backed by every single precious metal and commodity in the world
  • etc.
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