From Starseed to Stardust: Classified Communications, Signals In – Rebecca Rose

From Starseed to Stardust: Classified Communications, Signals Interception & the Journey Home, 1/15/23

Bringing Light to the Darkness, Part 14 – Rebecca Rose – Sirus Blue

For the first time ever, Rebecca documents her father’s top secret career in the military industrial complex and makes a shocking discovery about his true identity that will change her life forever. — Why was he so obsessed with space? Who was he trying to contact? What is a fractal helix? — Revelations also include mind-blowing new information about her brother’s secret childhood experiences as well as healing, heartening communications from the Mars Mantids and SSP battle memories recovered. Bonus: a special message from the Pigman, Rebecca’s comrade and pilot trainer from Planet X.

Note to Readers:

Rebecca Rose is a contactee, abductee, and participant in one of the secret space programs.

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