Michael Jaco – Pope Francis Says He May Step Down, etc., January 16, 2023

Michael Jaco – Pope Francis Says He May Step Down

  • Biden and his classified documents – why are the Dems revealing this now?
  • Fake Joe Biden… is going away…
  • All of the networks are aligning against him…
  • Is McCarthy going to be the next President?
  • Investigations are starting…
  • McCarthy is playing a front role, while Trump is in the background as CIC
  • Biden documents were not secure, no security — he’s in big trouble
  • Resignation, impeachment, arrest?
  • Harris is not eligible…
  • Since WWII, the Nazis occupied all systems and institutions world wide
  • Nazis use human trafficking, drug/weapons trafficking, all money-making schemes
  • Utilize blackmail, bribes, and threats
  • Militaries need to be cleansed, too
  • Covid plandemic was planned, treasonous people
  • Some DS have made deals and are cooperating
  • Mafia leaders are being arrested
  • Nowhere for these guys to hide
  • IRS is being abolished and absorbed by the Treasury, no more income taxes
  • Voting fraud cases are getting some traction
  • etc.
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