X22 Report, Ep. 2974, January 16th, 2023

Ep. 2974a – The People Are Awake, [WEF] Scrambles To Hide Their Agenda, They Never Expected This

The [WEF] agenda is falling apart, they never expected the people to be awake, they expected the population in a war or locked down in their homes because of a pandemic and a global economic shutdown. The economy is falling apart and now the realtors are warning of major problems in the housing industry.

Editor’s note: I would add the auto industry to the list. Used car prices are dropping more than 10% weekly and new car prices will eventually have to follow demand.

Ep. 2974b – [HRC] Panics Over Russia Hoax, [DS] Trapped In The Classified Document Narrative

The [DS] is covering up all their crimes and they now see [JB] as a liability, they will need to remove him before the 2024 election. [HRC] is panicking over the Twitter file drop showing that Russian Collusion was a gigantic hoax. Now the people see that [HRC] was behind the Alpha Bank Hoax and soon people are going to see she was involved in the Russia hoax.  The patriots have trapped the [DS] players in their own narratives. Obama could easily clear all of this up and say that he gave the docs to Biden but that would show the President has the ability to declassify and the raid on MAL was political. So, Obama will most likely take Biden out to cover up the much more treasonous crimes. 

Editor’s notes: The Biden we’ve put up with (reluctantly) for the past three years is a fake. The real one was already executed…

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