Charlie Ward on the Fed, the U.S. Treasury, Crypto, et al

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Charlie Ward on the Fed, the U.S. Treasury, Crypto, et al

Charlie Ward Notes
With our 2 Guests:

  • Nick begins the call with research and difficult to find documents.
  • March 2020 Treasury absorbed the Fed
  • Whitehats are firmly in charge of the FED
  • Operation began in 2008
  • The first ever audit of the FED failed. Media beginning to cover it now
  • Ben Bernanki is quoted as saying “If you ever audit the FED the world will fall apart.”
  • March 27,2020 Q post: This is not another 4 year election
  • Trump Speech, “Returning Power to the people.”
  • RIP Federal Reserve
  • Merged W/Treasury
  • Meet your new Fed Chairman Donald J Trump
    How they did it… FED/Treasury merge:
  • Cares act: Treasury gets to control all the FED’s purchases
  • SVP’s (Special Purpose Vehicles)Turned the tables on the FED
  • The Treasury took control of all the purchases of the FED and its purchasing power
  • There were 2 empty FED seats when Trump took office
  • They thought Hillary would be able to appoint those two FED members to the Board
  • Trump filled those two seats
  • 2 more Fed seats retired
  • Trump packed 5 seats on the Board of The Federal Reserve
  • Gerome Powell verified this
  • Cares act clause = Treasury runs this now
  • All this information scrubbed from the internet hard to find
  • SVP’s (Special Value Purchases) are a form of Shadow Bank
  • Treasury doing all the buying. I.E. Making the decisions.
  • Forced the Fed to only “Act like a bank.”
  • Treasury and FED “Became” one entity by controlling their buying power.
  • DJT IS the new FED Chairman
  • Whitehats wanted to blow up the FED and the economy at the same time
  • VIP: They created inflation AND Raised interest rates at the same time
  • We are seeing the economy hit the skids because of this. In the Carter years they called it Stagflation .”
  • (Charlie) The Fed is insolvent now
  • This has been planned for twenty years
  • 8,000 minds put this together
  • Naughty minds
  • No footprints of Trump in there..Brilliant!
  • They’ll destroy themselves from the inside out and no one will know
  • Clay Clark & Flynn are quoted as saying that is VIP that ppl see the CBDC plan in order to reject it
  • CBDC’s = Whitehats took something ugly and made it great.
  • Fence around the Federal Reserve proves it is closed “In Washington DC”
  • BUT…
  • Ft. Worth Texas FED IS OPEN!! And PRINTING NEW Rainbow currency
  • Also right next door the FED in Texas is the Boro of Printing and Engraving and it is open as well

Part 1 of 2

•  Stellar:
•  Starlight: Updated Stellar Protocol Automated millions of transactions per second
•  Starbridge Tokenized assets on the Blockchain
•  $100’s of millions of dollars flowing into it
•  65% of USDC reserves held by US Treasury Bills
•  We are using Blackrock to help
•  means WhiteHats are running Blackrock)
•  Crash the old money system and flush it into the new system
•  Bitcoin and XRP are colladeralized assets under the USMCA
• The USMCA is the updated trade agreement Trump put into effect during his time in office. It is when he redid Nafta. USMCA acronym for US, Mexico, Canada, Trade Agreement)
•  They are going to over colladeralize Bitcoin
•  XRP = Liquidity token
•  XRP= NOT a Stablecoin
•  XRP = Swaps assets
•  XLM = Liquidity Token also
•  XLM = Peoples coin
•  XLM = Main network for Retail
•  Stellar runs the entire satellite anf ibre optic network that both of these run on.)
•  Stellar SCROBAN: = Project Jump Cannon
•  SCROBAN = Brings ALL Assets & BlockChains into Stellar
•  This is why 95% of the cryptos won’t make it
•  Project CEDAR: = BNYMellon + PNC + Many other banks successful
•  Black swan market crash = There will be multiple Black Swan events
•  2.3 Quadrillion dollars will be put into Stellar
•  Brenton Woods 3.0
•  “ “ = New and backed by precious metals, Oil, Lumber, Wheat, and other assets
•  Space Force + GMA Governance
• Remember I told you that Stellar will have a huge roll in compliance? Is why XRP needs XLM a lot more than XLM needs XRP)
•  Security plus governance
•  Governance layer: Top layer = IBM World wire…The top computer
•  Uses KYC (Know your customer and AML)
•  AML Means “Anti Money Laundering”
•  Governance layer = Stellar Compliance
•  CIA Digital Hammer = Horizon scanning
•  IBM Hyperledger Partnered with Stellar
I have been digging on the RUSSIA CBDC. Found that it uses Hyperledger also)
•  HAARP taken over by the Whitehats
•  “ “ = Cloud seeding
•  “ “ = Making Middle East Green again
•  “ “ = used for good now
•  AI Protocol 20
•  Neural link
•  Project Blue Beam
•  CIA’s Digital Hammer
•  All Stellar Protocol 20
•  IBM Hyperledger = The Quantum Bridge
•  = Graduated projects
•  = PBFT
•  Stellar will oversee ETH and other blockchains
•  Will force the crash to zero
•  Project Odin
•  PBFT = Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance Is the algorithm XRP uses)
•  Whithats fork it all into Stellar
•  Incubation phase
•  Security
•  Dormant projects = Quantum future
•  Protocol 20 = Building of the Quantum matrix
•  Stellar SEP024 = Claimable balance
•  SDF = Stellar Development  Foundation
•  Justin Rice (Who I know if from Stellar Chief network admin)
•  Says….”There are going to be claimable balances for those who already have stellar wallets. These claimable balances will be sitting there waiting for when ppl become comfortable and ready to use Stellar wallets. When this occurs they will be able to claim money sitting there waiting for them…Even if this takes a long time.
•  EOM

Part 2 of 2

Note to Readers: Not sure what video from which this list derived, but the notes give you an idea of what is being discussed in financial markets (at least behind doors or alternative sources).

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