SG Anon Audio File #36, January 16, 2023

Saudi Arabia, Biden & Delaware | New Island Hellhole Coming to the Public Awareness | Operational Scopes Enormous


SGAnon discloses information related to the human trafficking networks throughout the world, Epstein-style islands, [DS] combatants, our spiritual part in the war, and more. They’re doomed. WWG1WGA


The Russians have launched an enormous operation in Ukraine. They are destroying the tunnel systems under Ukraine, but these networks extend all of the way to the Baltic states.

  • Study the settlement of Sweden, which is similar to Switzerland.
  • Child trafficking — soft disclosure has already occurred, still more to go…
  • Arriving at the clean-up of the old system…
  • Saudi Arabia may be involved in the suddenly discovered documents…
  • How do we introduce evidence?
  • SA is moving into a heightened cooperative effort with Russia
  • Gov’t child trafficking under Obama and Biden
  • Pizzagate has not gone away…
  • 5th gen warfare – counterinsurgency for your mind
  • Pedophilia in Washington D.C. has to come out…gov’t corruption, SRA, assault on young people
  • Many angles of this operation
  • Purging of food network, transportation, energy
  • EBS disclosure might create more chaos
  • World wide militaries are involved in freeing/supporting the people
  • Brazilian military is supporting their people; identifying who is in their ranks, assuring unification of the fighting force
  • Patient, deliberate job to purge corruption from armies
  • Anons are to educate the masses; we directly influence areas that the military are not immediately involved in…
  • Tough to watch the intitial phases of suffering from the vaxx
  • Hell holes of evil… very graphic
  • Appears that we are going see emergence into public space of an Epstein-island style disclosure in alt media within the next weeks
  • Elite islands are being reclaimed, purged, evidence dripped out slowly to the public
  • Number of gov’t people are involved with Satanic rituals
  • Joe Biden, Hunter, Obama, etc. were some of these individuals
  • Virgin Islands and JP Morgan, sex trafficking in the American Virgin Islands
  • New child trafficking dens
  • 2023 is the Year of the White Rabbit – a true awareness, unifying perspective of SRA and murder of children
  • Military justice will start this year and into next year
  • Donald Trump has placed the military into charge, Continuity of governance…
  • State level agencies are acting on their own, identifying traitors in all levels of society
  • Desperation and death knells of DS mafia will become apparent
  • We will be able to live through the chaos they will cause…
  • Killing the cockroaches…


My decodes are still in progress on Trump’s recent comms.
Layers and layers keep emerging out of them. To dissect on File 36 would have made the File over 2 hours, and I have left them out intentionally this time.

I am MOVING my discussion of the CIC’s recent comms to File 37, along with:
—> Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, & Recent WEF Meetings
—> Zelensky, Mr. Universe
—> Upcoming Events in/from China
—> Upcoming Events in WW Shipping Lanes

Have a great evening everyone.


I recently stated that before the end of January 2023, I would unveil my face and countenance, to each of you. This was not a decision made lightly; after much prayer, meditation, and listening, I am convinced it is the right time.

Initially, this was to be a solo venture; but God, and my own spiritual Journey, moved differently.

I am now here to announce that on Friday January 20, 2023, in a Special live-stream broadcast w/ ThePatriotStreetfighter, the world will learn the face of SG Anon.


And for those eager for the next Anon Audio File, here’s this:


As each of you are already aware, File 37 has been delayed. My wife’s paternal uncle passed over the weekend, while I was at Reawaken America (1/21), and we believe the bioweapon C19 kill-shot is partly responsible (underlying conditions yes, but an ~extreme~ rate of decline post-injection).

Between the wake/funeral preparations(today), my little one, my day job, researching, and supporting her, it has been a whirlwind.

I am doing my best to get it to you soon.

Thank you Patriots

RealSGAnon – January 25, 2023

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