X22 Report, Ep. 2975, January 17th, 2023

Ep. 2975a – [John Kerry] Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, [WEF] Taking Hits

Wyoming as submitted a bill to ban electric cars. [WEF] is taking hits, and the leader of Blackrock doesn’t know why people are criticizing ESG. EM lets everyone know what the “S” stands for in ESG. [JK] says the quiet part out loud, they need more money to make their system operational.

Ep. 2975b – A Clean [H]ouse Is Very Important, Let the Unsealing Begin, Let The DEC[L]AS Begin

[JB] says he will veto the IRS bill. The patriots have now taken the House, the house is clean and investigation can begin. Trump has the declas documents, did he just signal that it is almost time to release some the declas docs. [JB]/[HB] are now trapped in the narrative, they have become a liability and the [DS] needs to remove them before the investigation lead way past the Bidens. The Delaware prosecutor is about to release damaging information about the Bidens. Will [JB] be taken out by the 25th amendment?

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