ECETI Newsletter #52: What if Jesus Joined the UFO Community, January 16, 2023

ECETI Newsletter #52

What if Jesus joined the UFO community?

I have often pondered the question what would happen if Jesus wanted to join the UFO community. First of all, the Christians would denounce him for speaking about other civilizations, his fathers many houses. Even if the Pleiadians, Sons of Arcturus, and UFOs were mentioned in the bible. Then the Luciferians heavily entrenched in the UFO community and almost all other institutions would censor him and try to character assassinate him. After all he did warn them about harming children, child and sex trafficking is a definite no no. They would engage the mainstream media to shame and destroy his character, probably accuse him of Russian collusion and knowing all their classified secrets. Then the scientists would have a go at him telling him he is a woo woo nut job. They would say metaphysics and spirituality is not science even though they acknowledge at least 11 other dimensions and 100 billion, Trillion planets observed that can sustain life in this 3rd dimension alone. They would bring experts most of which are shills, “government agents” and planned opposition to make their case most of which have never seen or witnessed a UFO and know nothing of the occupants. These detractors are the well-known ufologist in all the ufo documentaries most of which are morally and integrity challenged. They just care about the fame and money and will gladly continue in the controlled narrative never giving answers just asking the same questions. Questions like are we alone, do ufos exist and the classic 75 year old question was Roswell real. Then there are the possers who are threatened by the authentic. They will do everything to take Jesus down. Why? Because he knows the truth and their true motives, their masks come down in his presence. 
What would happen if Jesus destroyed the controlled narrative and said we are not alone, there are whole civilizations of very advanced beings who have conquered war, disease, poverty, balanced and maintained their environment and if the leadership desired they would make contact and help bring Universal Law and healing to Humanity and the Earth. An invite to join a Federation of Worlds in peace. How would that go with the war industry? The medical and pharmaceutical industry? The oil, gas, coal all industries that provide our transportation and energy needs. How would governments react with most of the leadership in the back pocket of these major corporations? What if they had replicators? No need for Wall Marts, Coscos, all your needs would be met just by hitting a button. Electric cars would not need batteries, they would not need tires due to anti/counter gravity. No need for airports just teleport or take the underground high speed mag lift trains we are not supposed to talk about. Are you starting to understand now why we don’t have contact. Why they continue in the controlled narrative censoring all wisdom of advanced off worlders some of which are our ancient ancestors. Why only a few who have risen to the occasion, the uncorruptible, are making contact and why those contacts are heavily censored. Why usher in Heaven on Earth when you can get rich by enslaving the masses through dependency, keeping them ill, ignorant and in poverty. 
What would they do to Jesus if he were to land in a beautiful light ship? Probably the same thing they did last time and that my friends is why you don’t have contact with spiritually and technologically advanced beings and why there is so much resistance to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. There is a plan however. Nothing can stop it. The power and forces behind it are unimaginable. It has been engaged and it is all about frequency. Tyranny is not frequency specific to the ascension of Earth. Their world is imploding. Karma, Action/Reaction is being amplified and accelerating. Truth can no longer be suppressed, no rock shall be left unturned and all the iniquities will be shouted from the roof tops. The lies and deceptions are coming to a close.   Enjoy the ride.

James Gilliland

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Note to Readers:

Interesting that James is connecting Jesus with ETs. From times immemorial, mankind has been visited by extraterrestrials. Some groups of competing ETs have fought over the custodianship of this planet. For a very long time, the Anunnaki, a race from the Orion Zone, won rulership over Terra. These humanoids tinkered with the human genome, which already contained the genetics of several star races.

Prince Ea, also known as ENKI, was briefly custodian of Earth or “Ki”. He was a master geneticist, a scientist. He was ordered by his Father, Anu and his half-brother, Enlil, to create a labor force using the indigenous humanoids. When he studied the human genome, he was astonished to discover the secrets that lay within, the Name of God was written into the DNA of this strange race. He took it upon himself to devise a perfected human, an Adam, and did so within his massive ship, inside a biosphere, what the extraterrestrials call an Edin or Eden. Enki succeeded in creating a highly intelligent and intuitive being, the Adam and then many descendants.

When ENKI’s half-brother found out about his brother’s transgressions, in his eyes, he became enraged and drove the Adam and his people from the starship and onto Terra, as is recorded in Genesis. However, ENKI had endowed his Adam with part of his own DNA and considered the new human race as his children. Still, he was eventually driven from the planet and the venegeful Enlil destroyed a huge portion of the rapidly multiplying humans through a series of massive floods and other natural disasters.

Keep in mind, these ETs were/are capable of terraforming entire planets. And they were not the first ETs to visit Terra.

Enlil had his scientists tinker with the DNA of the remaining humans, reducing the connected strands of DNA and thus reducing the race’s inherent abilities and lifespans. Still, the remaining full twelve strands (10 being disconnected) were still present although in quantum form, which scientists discovered while doing their DNA sequencing.

So, there are two lines of DNA inheritance, one line descending from ENKI or Prince Ea and the other from the angry Enlil, his half brother. Enlil was also half reptilian from his mother’s side and very different from his gentle compassionate half brother.

From the information put forth through Elena Danaan, Prince Ea has returned to this star system and in so doing, has returned the gene sequencing for the perfected human, the Adam. This sequencing was to be used in the med beds to upgrade and activate human DNA to unlock its full potential.

What Elena also shared was that the DNA of the one called Yeshua ben Joshua, was also altered and enhanced by Prince Ea. Mary was the carrier of the seed of Adam and with the addition of the Anunnaki DNA, a physical vessel or avatar was prepared so a high frequency soul could inhabit the physical form. If a physical vessel is not a resonance match for the incoming soul essence, there is a chance that the fetus and later, the baby, will not survive. So, in short, according to his “heavenly” father, Yeshua was a hybrid, born from a Terran woman, but with ET, specifically Anunnaki, blood within his veins.

The entrenched minions of Enlil who have ruled over the empires of this planet for eons would not want their slaves to know that the one who is worshipped by over a third of Terra’s population was, in part, an ET himself. It would be shocking, considered blasphemous, etc., etc. Still, there is a lot that has been hidden from the Terrans. We will eventually learn more about our own real history.

P.S. Enlil was forcibly removed from the planet in 2021. He has been sentenced to being imprisoned on a prison planet. His father, King Anu, was also informed by the true custodians of Terra, the Intergalactic Confederation and our original Seeders, that neither the Anunnaki nor any other intruders had any right to infringe upon the rights of the evolving Terran race. The IC and the Galactic Federation of Worlds are present in the star system to see that the Terrans compete their evolutionary phase which will take them into space. We are already a part of the GFW and under their protection.


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