[CRYPTO] Chain Collapse – a Ripple Effect

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[CRYPTO] chain>COLLAPSE<Ripple Effect< Q The Storm Rider

GENESIS Crypto collapses as the DARPA [CIA] money laundering projects collapse. Through the Ukraine money laundering systems and as Mohamed bin Salman pulls billions through the subsidiary companies and investors he controls.

A powerful collapse is happening as Wall Street investment firms close and trading companies lay off traders.

The ripple effect is being felt throughout the world as European Cryptos begin to feel the squeeze and hundreds of millions of value is being lost daily.

DARPA [DS] military operations that created FACEBOOK/META, GOOGLE, and YOUTUBE, etc., also long ago created the first digital currency which was the credit card system for enslavement decades ago. DARPA is now the primordial source of 70% of crypto across the world in major countries that bring in a money laundering system that is directly connected to top officials, elites, industries, and corporations that come under the control of DARPA [CIA] operations. These monies are used for funding the Globalist agendas, leftist ideologies, and Deep State operations.

I told you over two years ago, that Crypto was going to collapse. The Q the Storm Rider was very direct in reporting that a war was going to break out on a massive level that would lead to nuclear events. We are there NOW. Many people thought it was just fear-mongering. Now you have the Event in full play. It is all for a reason. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming. These events were meant to collapse the [DS] military DARPA operations that control the PENTAGON and their creation (and continuance) of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The events now happening are exposing corruption in almost every country and their funding of the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) that creates war for money laundering, profit, stealing money from taxpayers, and keeping the world-wide DARPA CIA DEEP STATE operations in place. The Rockefellers and Rothschild families are the primorial source of the creation of DARPA, [CIA], [FBI], [etc.].

Military Alliance operations are ghosting Crypto companies and sending cryptic messages that erase and cannot be traced. This is causing panic. Inside sources reveal these messages, that have private information on the CEOs/company presidents, vice presidents, managers, top elite shareholders, etc. The messages contain all of their personal information and their connections to FRAUD, CORRUPTION, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, MONEY LAUNDERING, PEDOPHILIA.

Whoever is sending these messages to Crypto is causing MAJOR panic as the messages also showed up at the Davos gathering last week, creating panic and infighting among the top WEF leaders, board, and company heads attending.

[They] all know it has to be MILITARY INTELLIGENCE and the conspiracy among their group claiming military intelligence was coming after them became a hard fact as several elites are now in panic and distress over the events taking place.


China, Russia, and several organizations they control through India, Pakistan, the Middle East and Europe are all getting ready for the promised Cyberattack of the century on the Fiat money system, [NATO] military systems, United States military systems both in Europe and the U.S.

As Russia moves to boose their military troops to 1.5 million, panic sets in, as the European Union has exhausted their military stock reserve and do not have enough to defend their own countries.

]CABLES[ the French military is fearful Russia will attack NATO military operation bases in the EU… and the EU does not have the power and military stock to stop Russia.

It’s all CONNECTED. [They] know.

Pfizer files form 25 delisting from NYC Stock Exchange.


👉 @RealSGAnon1

How many employees for each of these companies are being laid off?

Here is 12000 for Google

Netflix CEO gone.

Do the rest for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing & Instagram.
Checklist is above.

Just like DC is Empty, FBI, IRS & Whitehouse etc. Just like StockMarkets will be empty.

Hello Hoover Dam – Superman 1
Motorists should brace for travel impacts on Hoover Dam bridge next week.

Jan 19 – Alec Baldwin Red October comms, 31.4T Debt Ceiling reached
Press Secretary said President Harris, She will make a speech on the weekend. What’s Joe gonna do 2day?
Jan 20 Inauguration Delta. Fryday
Jan 21 – New Moon, At it’s Darkest
Jan 22 Lunar NY, Fireworks.
Jan 23
Jan 25
Jan 31 – USD to default or not be used in the world. Think Evergrande Reports? King Charlie Checkmate?

Trump has given us Wuhan Big Pharma Lab Comms, Law Of War Manual 5.13 Dams & Power Plants.

ElonStellar 113 tokens right now.

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Note to Readers:

I wonder if the jitters got the better of Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, at least until she resigns in February. I’m sure she won’t be the last to resign from her position. The Kiwis will certainly not miss her.

It would appear the end is rapidly approaching as a death knell resonates over the death of the Khazarian fiat-dollar empire. It will disappear like the air that backed the fake currency.

This article was originally written by Q The Storm Rider and can be found on both Telegram and Truth Social.

We are all honored to have a front row seat to witness the collapse of an empire that has existed for thousands of years…

The Earth Alliance has already signed treaties with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. We are under their protection and have been receiving their guidance for sometime. More of these developments will become public after the collapse of the Deep State and its minions is complete.

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