Italy Halts Weapons to Ukraine – Q The Storm Rider

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Italy halts weapons to UKRAINE. This temporary stall is connected to Italy supplying Ukraine with the minimum amount of assistance and postponing several promised major deliveries to fight Russia.

Over nine months ago, I stated the Italian government had been silently infiltrated or overthrown and replaced. It was replaced with a regime that was installed by some of the wealthiest families in Italy, who banded together. They were upset that their country was sprayed with frozen spike proteins and the first bioweapon’s release, which started the world pandemic. Thousands of their friends, family, and their own children died during the COVID bioweapons release. This coalition of elite White Hats wealthy families are in compliance with the Italian military White Hats operations that secured the fall and arrest of the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta in the Vatican.

As you have seen by now, Italy is receiving Russian gas. Their imports from Russia have doubled. Spain now receives goods/imports from Russia and have increased their imports by 162%, even though the European Union (EU) put sanctions on Russia. Several EU countries have increased their Russian imports by 100 Billion Euros paid to Russia in September and 260 million Euros per day.

The EU’s imports of oil from Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine reached EUR >100 Billion in late September according to CREA’s real-time estimates While coal imports from Russia have stopped and gas imports have decreased dramatically, the EU continues to import crude oil, oil products, LNG, and pipe-lined gas worth approximately EUR >260 million per day.

It is no coincidence [infiltration] on the highest levels in Military Alliance operations have gained access into the Davos Group regime. Several moles and plants were placed in Davos as far back as 2009 after the U.S. housing banking collapse of 2008. Direct dark operations from the Rothschilds/Rockefellers inside the Bilderberger Group — Davos — headed the collapse and at the same time, stole an estimated 15 Trillion from the Chinese clans and Dragon Families that control Asia.

After the 2008 collapse, the Alliance installed several operators inside the World Economic Forum group and Deep State Operations.

As WEF/Davos witness the steady collapse of NATO and the U.N. coming, they are in pain realizing that from ALL corners of the Earth, a huge PUBLIC rebellion is in effect… As Twitter becomes ally to several countries, dropping Truth Bombs throughout the world. Twitter is conducting self-investigation of its own company to expose the mass corruption connected to the use of bots and the connection to direct control by intelligence agencies, by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, DS/Pentagon operations. This investigation will also expose Facebook/META, GOOGLE, YouTube, and their Deep State ties to the Cabal, United Nations, NATO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Rothschild Family.

Much is happening behind the scenes, Patriots. White Hat sleepers, moles, and triple agents are waking up throughout the European Union, assisting build a collapse that will expose a World wide system of corruption.

Italian White Hats are playing a game with EU, NATO, UN, and the [DS]. This is the same game Germany is playing by not paying NATO and stalling weapons deliveries. This game is bringing NATO and the European Union into a severe economic crisis, even as several other countries like Turkey decide to join Russia and China’s BRICS monetary/trade system and Poland silently shifts from the EU.

Now you know why the Deep State is losing control of NATO and the United Nations as the [DS] U.S. military looks for countries outside of NATO to help in creating a coalition to fight Russia in Ukraine… because NATO country military leaders are refusing to comply with NATO’s agenda more and more, as the collapse of their regime becomes more evident in their circles.

Panic inside of NATO

NATO flag

Note to Readers:

I found this article on Patriot Streetfighter’s Telegram channel. However, since the writing style is much like Q The Storm Rider, I am going to tentatively attribute to him/her. It would appear that NATO and the UN are rapidly heading for troubled waters… or are there already. The DS players are particularly resistant to realizing that they are in the process of being defeated. They are also playing for their lives by this time, since the moment of surrender has long passed. There is nothing but death for them now in payment for their crimes against humanity through the centuries. We are witnessing the final downfall of a corrupt Satanic Roman Empire that has enslaved humanity.

This piece has been edited by me.


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