Panic in the Democrat National Committee

Panic in the Democrat National Committee

Note: This is an older piece found on Telegram and edited for ease of reading.


The RUSSIANS have a stolen copy of the files off of Hunter Biden laptop hard drives. Whoever gave access to these files came directly from within the three-letter agencies. This interesting turn of events and facts has the DNC/Biden/Obama in a panic. Several major News outlets are in the know of this information being leaked.

As Hunter Biden’s dealings connected to Burisma intensifies, Politico, Washington Post and the New York Post are beginning to run stories on the exposure of the Biden’s connections to Ukraine oil dealings and the selling of U.S. to China. The DNC is in deep panic… as Russia sends threats to the Biden administration and [DS] military, threatening to drop the full files contained on the Hunter laptop into the Internet before the coming elections.

Russia begins military tribunals in Eastern Ukraine against Ukrainian officials, military leaders, as Zelensky goes into hiding and can not be reached the past two days. He is in great fear of being apprehended and several Russian Special Operations went forward to seek him.

The military prosecutor, who had begun his investigation into the Biden crime family for their illegal dealings with Burisma, has now given his full accounts and reports to the Military Tribunals that Russia is currently holding in the Donbass region of Ukraine. This prosecutor was fired on behalf of Joe Biden, then Vice President, who threatened (on video) to take billions of US Aid away from Ukraine if the prosecutor wasn’t fired and the investigation into his family and son (Hunter) wouldn’t stop (pay to play).

This information will lead to the impeachment of Joseph R. Biden, POTUS (fake) for abuse of power by enabling bribery and other high crimes. This long stemming procedure is expected to take effect as all the proper papers were served and introduced into government corridors on Monday. GOOGLE is still denying any procedures are taking place. Washington Post and Politico are expected to run stories in November after exposing the Hunter Biden oil dealings connected to Joe Biden and his Family. It is interesting as WAPO and Politico begin to take sides against Biden. I said this would happen last year that WAPO would start to flip.

Panic is setting in the District of Columbia among the Democrat National Committee as Democrats begin to jump ship and major News outlets begin a slow DECLAS on the Biden Crime Family.

There are major False Flag events incoming, as expected, as the military presence heats up on the West Coast (of North America) and there is a major mobilization of military erupting in the European Union, guided by NATO (controlled by Obama/Rothschilds/Davos/UN).

U.S. Military intelligence United States Space Force is watching FACEBOOK, as they again proceed to interfere in the November elections. It is known in the Pentagon that Zuckerbergy has been flipped. And they are ALL being watched and tracked.

Notes to Readers:

After reading and editing this article, I have decided it was written sometime last year (2022) before the November elections. And now that the Republicans won the House of Representatives by a narrow margin, there will be movement on the proposal to impeach Joe Biden, fake president or not. One way or another, he will be either impeached or resign due to overt military pressure.

Most Anons know by now, that Joe Biden isn’t Joe Biden, and he certainly is not the President of the United States, Inc. The nation is currently (2023) under Military Law, with the U.S. military White Hats working in covert operations like cleaning out the DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases and cities), securing all bioweapon facilities, rescuing the children and other human captives, and assorted other tasks… All of this had to be done before making these military operations more apparent to the general public.

The Anons and Patriots are privileged to have a better understanding of what is really going on behind (and sometimes under) the scenes. This movie is being done for the benefit of the public, not the Anons. Sometimes the people need to see for themselves what has been going on, what was being planned, the agendas and unbridled greed of the corrupt Deep State families and military. These people do not give a damn about humanity. They just wanted to control, dominate, and destroy humanity for their own benefit and because they have gotten away with untold crimes in the past. No more. The tide has turned against them permanently and now they are beginning to sense the end for their kind has arrived.


Again, this piece was probably written by Q The Storm Rider as the original was very much his style of writing with signs and signals all over it. Edited.

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