Pre-birth Experience, Life before Incarnation & Why We Come to Earth – w/Christian Sundberg

Pre-Birth Experience, Life Before Incarnation & Why We Come to Earth with Christian Sundberg | NLS

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When Christian Sundberg was a young child, he remembered his existence before coming to Earth. While that memory left him completely for his early adult life, it spontaneously returned 12 years ago as Christian took up a meditation practice and went through a personal awakening journey.

He also began to have Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). Christian now often speaks publicly as he seeks to remind others in at least a small part of who we really are beneath the human “play.” Professionally, Christian has worked for 16 years as a project manager for complex nuclear pump and valve manufacturing projects. Christian is the author of the book “A Walk in the Physical,” which attempts to succinctly describe the larger spiritual context in which we exist and the importance of love in our human journey.

What is a Pre-Birth Experience?

A pre-birth experience, also known as a prenatal or a pre-natal recollection, refers to memories or recollections of events before a person’s birth. Some people believe that they have memories of experiences from before they were born, and there are various theories about how these memories might be formed.

There is also some debate about the possible causes of pre-birth memories. Some theories suggest that these memories may be the result of the fetus being able to sense and remember events that occur during pregnancy, while others propose that they may be the result of the mother’s memories being transmitted to the fetus through various means, such as through the umbilical cord or through chemical signals in the womb. Of course, there is also the spiritual component to pre-birth memories.

It is worth noting that while some people claim to have vivid and detailed pre-birth memories, others only have a sense of familiarity or déjà vu when thinking about events that occurred before their birth. Additionally, some people may strongly believe in the reality of their pre-birth experiences even if they cannot provide specific details or supporting evidence.

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