Biden Exit Planned by DS – Exit Stage Left

Biden Exit Planned by DS – Exit Stage Left — by Q The Storm Rider

[DS] FBI found more classified documents during a 13-hour search at Biden’s home. It was a staged event, as the Democrats also want Biden investigated. Major MSM news networks are now all reporting and turning on Biden.

Last year, I mentioned this would happen — that Biden would be removed and BOTH [DS] and the White Hats would want the same outcome.

The [DS] had planned long ago to use Biden as a scapegoat and blame him for everything. They hoped the classified documents that connected Obama to Ukraine money laundering operations, the Iran-nuke cover-up and the fake death of Bin Laden by Obama’s administration would not be uncovered. The [DS] also didn’t want uncovered the connections between Obama’s five eyes agencies connected to British intelligence (MI6), FBI, and CIA intelligence that helped to create the Russiagate scandal against Trump.

[They] had a plan to blame everything on Biden and [they] hoped that if anything happened and the White Hats got too close to discovering the classified documents leading to Obama’s military coup against Trump. [They] had hoped Biden would take the fall and soon after, Biden would pass away. This was the original plan of the [DS]. They hoped the story and any resulting investigations would die with Biden… sources report. Their plan was also connected to Hunter Biden’s future “overdose” — his forced suicide.

Hunter Biden

The White Hats also wanted the same outcome — the discovery of the classified documents to be leaked and the investigation into the Bidens that would connect the corruption of Obama using Biden to steal classified documents that connected Obama, Clinton, the CIA, and Pentagon to treason and setting up a military coup against Trump.

The Deep State had become well aware that Biden was a turncoat and was being placed, forced to play a role by the White Hat military alliance

You are seeing a very, very intelligent PLAN being played out.

From Q Intelligence being created to bring the Great Awakening movement and DECLAS… to the Military White Hats placing Trump as the President; to the exposure of Epstein; the exposure of Hollywood; to the exposure of pedophilia and human/child trafficking rings; to the exposure of the Plandemic to money laundering Operations in Ukraine; to the exposure of Crypto being used by world wide elites to launder money in several major countries –> all of which connects to DARPA, the CIA, and the Pentagon.

You are witnessing a magnificent, complicated PLAN that the White Hat Military Operations have been playing out the past years, that dates back to John F. Kennedy creating the Special Forces — to protect the U.S. against a tyrannical government if the government ever militarized its [DS] intelligence agencies against their own American citizens.

You are watchig a powerful PLAN unfold to bring down the world Cabal, their systems, and how Obama was/is controlled by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), as is Big Tech and Mainstream Media, etc. The exposure of DARPA is connected to the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the 13 Black Families of Italy, the Vatican, the Deep State Cabal Satanic System.

As the FBI, CIA, and FISC (Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court) courts attempt to cover up the classified documents and Obama’s involvement, the White Hats have many leaks, whistleblowers, events, Space Force, Trump, the White Hats in Congress, and many other surprises coming to [EXPOSE] Obama, FISA FISC, and the [DS] military coup against Trump.

><CABLES> Classified documents of what really happened and who was involved in 9/11 is expected to hit in Fall of 2023.

(Who will find the documents wink)



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And a couple of days later… yep! You guessed it, more documents found…

Notes to Readers:

Yes, the Anons by now have connected the dots from the Bidens, Obama, the Clintons, to the [DS] intelligence operations being directed from afar through the British Crown (ever hear of Baron George Malloch Brown and the Queen’s Privy Council, and the connection to George Soro’s Open Society Foundation NGO?). Then, there are the connections stemming from the Rockefellers who basically run the DS in the United States, hooking up to the Rothschilds and their central banking system… which leads you inevitably to the Vatican Bank, the Pope… and then to the 13 Black Italian Families who are the real power behind all thrones and thence to the DS Cabal Satanic network that covers the planet like a dark spider web of corruption, greed, malovence, and thrist for power over humanity to the point of attempting yet another scheme to destroy 90% of the population and to enslave the rest.

Oh, yes, the Rabbit Hole goes very, very deep and what the Anons have discovered amidst their explorations, the public has yet to be exposed to… the blatant, in-your-face truth that everything anyone has learned as a child was based on a Lie. It is a Truth that many will be unable to incorporate into their everyday consciousness.

It is the severity of this information that compells those in the know to begin to seriously reconnect with their own spiritual essence, for it is the strength of this inner connection that will give the individual the ability to endure exposure to the lies. As each person encounters the lies, the sheer magnitude of the evil intentions, they will undergo a process of grief leading to denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally, acceptance.

Humanity is undergoing a collective Deep Night of the Soul. As those who have already undergone this passage of inner cleansing, self-acceptance, compassion, and increasing Light and understanding… they know it is a passage that can take some longer than others. There is no competition, to race to reach the finish line. It is a process that the consciousness must undergo, an inner purging, that will be reflected in the outer world.

We are all now witnessing the Apocalypse, the Great Unveiling, prophetized by visionaries through the Ages. There will be no return of Yeshua to rule over Humanity. Each individual must learn to rule over themselves through their inner connection to Christ Consciousness and connection to Source.

Every system that has ever been erected by the Dark upon this planet must be taken down. We will rebuild from the foundation up, with sound bricks… a new society, a new way of interacting with each other, in peace, well-being, abundance, and joy… but first comes the journey through the painful Disclosure of how the Deep State and the heartless “elite” so hated mankind that they were willing to destroy it…


P.S. Developing a sense of humor will assist in moving the emotions through the body. When feeling blue, find something to laugh about, have a giggle with a friend, laugh at a silly cat video… Laughter lifts the spirits… quite literally.

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