Truths, Secrets & Oppression | Paul Wallis – Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom – The Fifth Kind

Truths, Secrets & Oppression | Paul Wallis – Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom. Gods & Portals, January 21, 2023

The Fifth Kind

Paul Wallis presents more of his wisdom. With today’s video, he is focused on the system of tyranny and oppression that is extremely old. He gives examples from Ghana, Kenya, and ancient Biblical stories, including one from the Book of Samuel, when the people cry out to have a human king instead of being ruled by Yahweh…

I have read two of his books and will start the third one soon…


  • Human colonies ruled by a Dragon, dominated by fear and terror
  • Dragon wants to tax the people
  • Carries on for generations
  • Either a prince arrives and kills the Dragon… ancient story
  • Beowulf…
  • Hebrew Canon – people have been exploited by fiery tyranny for so long that they become angry — you can’t be frightened anymore
  • The people come together with one voice; they confront the Dragon, mathematics have changed
  • Dragon gives up, social progress, people discovering the power of solidarity to confront the despot
  • The Dragon story has played out in the 20th and 21st centuries
  • the Marcos regime in the Phillipines, South Africa (aparteid) — world wide campaign to bring down Aparteid; collapse of the border in East Germany and the Berlin Wall came down…
  • Things can change; other ways are possible, dragons/despots are movable
  • People need to pull together for the common good — this is the story told in the Book of Samuel
  • All these lessons evaporate if you accept the Yahweh figure as “God”
  • Yahweh used all the actions delineated by the prophet
  • God stories do not allow people to use their moral and political compass; they must obey the word of God
  • These are stories of paleo-contact, not God stories — mistranslations of the ancient language
  • UK was supposed to be a “democracy”, but in actuality, not… absolute Crown power
  • 1688 The Glorious Revolution – powers of the Crown devolved to the Parliament and so on…
  • Labor movement in the 1990’s, serving the “common” good, huge seimic shift and yet, how much was really changed…
  • The power of the Crown has used secretive powers, a hidden hand in political operations — the British Prime Minister cannot form a government until approved by the Crown. After all those social changes, it is still the same five families running Britain after hundreds of years
  • Vested objects – the story of the Stone of Scone and its robbery from London, represents Scottish sovereignty; a Crown, Orb are vested objects…
  • Portraits of Geo. Washington and compare them with portraits of King George III
  • Ark of the Covenant, the Staff of Aaron, bronze image of the Serpent, etc. symbols of the right to rule
  • covert government… the people thought they got rid of Yahweh, but he is still calling the shots. There are consequences to not obeying what you are told… the “god” still rules but in the background…
  • General election, but in those who are providing the financial incentives are the same, nothing changes
  • All these lessons are in the Bible… the battle was against an invading force during paleo-contact.

Paul is writing a new book!

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