Donald Trump & Vaccines – Parts 1 & 2 by MJ Truth


Here is the recent interview clip in question where Trump sidesteps vaccine injuries. I suggest you listen to every single word…. Especially around 1:48… “you have to weigh pros & cons”

The entire interview HERE

A series of Questions first. Answer in the comments:

1. Does everyone understand that we are in a War for not just the country, but for the future of humanity?

2. Does everyone understand that the pandemic was planned a long time ago & Trump is not a doctor or a virologist?

3. How DID YOU FEEL WHEN THE PANDEMIC BEGAN? Was anyone scarred?

4. How many people have you known or have seen throughout this pandemic who are/have been wearing masks, or can’t wait to get their boosters?

5. How many friends, family members, coworkers, have you tried to redpill about these jabs but were told you’re a conspiracy theorist? How many relationships have been soured because, family members condemned, because of the vaccines or the politics sorrounding to it?

6. Does everyone understand the damage Obama did to our country, to our military, our space programs, our allies, our police, our children?

7. Does everyone understand what would have happened if Hillary became president in 2016?

8. Final question— I want you to imagine if Trump did not become president and/or STOPPED RIGHT NOW & said he was done fighting for our country.
How does that make you feel?
Who then do you blame?

Full stop!

PART 2 posted in a few minutes.

Trumps Response Regarding Vaccines Not Being Safe and Effective


We are in a WAR for humanity. If you don’t realize this simple FACT, you won’t understand a damn thing. Point blank period.

Trump Is a wartime president. Wartime decisions are not easy. They never are. Wartime generals have to decide which decision(s) will ensure a victory & the fewest casualties.

Trump is not doctor, nor a virologist….
He is one man. One single man that became POTUS in 2016. Not long ago.


These vaccines were already made!
They & the pandemic were always coming!
The NWO agenda was already planned, patented, and ready to go.

They wanted everything locked down for many many years, until a “vaccine” could come save the day.

The 16 year plan to destroy America was eight years of Obama & eight years of Hillary…

Obama caused unimaginable damage to our country in many ways, but more importantly, he severely weakened our Military….. most notably our Space dominance.

If Hillary Clinton won in 2016, THEY would have gotten 3 SCOTUS judges, Hundreds of federal judges.

Can you not see the damn problems we would have had if she won?

We would have had never ending LOCKDOWNS that would have absolutely destroyed the middle class & would have suffered a catastrophic economic crisis.
We would have NO JUDICIAL HELP!
Guns would have been outlawed; our 1st & 2nd amendment rights would be gone!
Our Police would have been defunded!
More deadlier viruses were to be released until we were in submission (BIOLABS). False Flag Nuclear attacks would have been planned on US soil to justify war with Russia. Think Uranium 1 & “The Sum of All Fears”. They were going to destroy our already weakened Military by destroying our Military SPACE Satellite’s, (sitting ducks)…. Our country would have been invaded. China.

Billions of people would have died.

What the HELL do you think the Georgia Guidstones meant when it said to keep humanity to no more than 500 million?

As much support & love Trump has, a lot of people support vaccines. They STILL DO. He will never say what you want him to say. There is no benefit doing so.

• Trump DID try to go against the narrative when the pandemic began & he was vilified.
• He wanted people to have a choice on masks & jabs, but he was villified.
• He wanted life to go on & the economy to stay open, but he was villified.
• He offered HCQ & other preventive treatments, but he was vilified.

Nothing was good enough and most Americans bought into the MSM BULLSHIT narrative that we needed a Vaccine to feel safe enough to open the economy back up.

The Main Stream Media is the enemy of the people. Like it or not, many WILL NEVER accept the truth, even if it slaps them in the face. They won’t accept it until legacy media tells them so.

HELL, people are still walking around with masks on, BY THEMSLEVES, because the MSM has people scarred to death.

Trying to speak common sense to Americans DID NOT WORK.

When Trump says these “vaccines” saved countless of lives, you better fucking believe he’s not talking about the jabs.

OPERATION WARPSPEED wasn’t about a vaccine. It was about giving people the confidence to open the world back up & stop CONTRIBUTING to their own fucking demise. To avoid never ending lockdowns. To stop the collapse of America, the world, IN 9 MONTHS!

OPERATION WARPSPEED fast tracked their agenda & it triggered a mass awakening. Without it, we would all be frogs in slow boiling water.

Trump simply turned up the heat & all of us Frogs jumped the fook out and we are pulling other frogs out every damn day.

Why the hell do you think you are here?

Trump HAS indirectly explained why these jabs were necessary….

I do believe one day, we will have a little talk about vaccines.

But that day is not today. I can however use logic when comparing where we would be if Trump wasn’t elected & she was.

Everyone has a choice.
Donald Trump sure isn’t making it for us.
Blame ourselves for being asleep.
Not a man who won’t condemn what most Americans literally begged for to feel safe.

MJ out


Compilation of Trump Vaccine Clips- Won’t Get the Booster, Took The Pfizer Shot, Pfizer runs the FDA, Regeneron, Everyone Wanted a Vaccine, The other Side Poisoned People On it, I showed People Things Like Therapeutics- Dissect His Words & Listen

We are witnessing this today…

Notes to Readers:

Trump advocated using HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, and other low-impact alternatives, rather than taking a vaccination. However, he could not come out with this information without being viciously attacked by the [DS] controlled MSM and politicians. He advocated that patients have the ability to make their own free will choices (and resulting responsibilities) of what treatment they would take. It was not his fault that millions chose to take the vaccinations, although the DS is attempting to pin the blame on him.

The vaccinations were already produced before the plandemic became world wide news. This was all long planned by the DS, for decades prior. You can find evidence of that fact in the writings and interviews of various DS leaders through the past decades.

Trump, by standing up to the DS and interfering with their plans, interrupted the agenda. And now, the Military Alliance behind Trump is exposing the entire DS agenda to the world, drip by drip, so the people can successfully digest the realization that their government, their formerly trusted institutions and systems turned against humanity during 2020.

If it weren’t for Trump getting elected, humanity would have fallen over the precipice to no return from a 1,000 year long nightmare of control, destruction, and corruption.

Pull up your big girl/boy pants, and be thankful that a man like Trump was willing to take on this burden for the rest of us. Now, we have a chance to move at least a portion of humanity into a higher frequency experience.

I’ve known for a long time that not all humanity would make the grade, this time, a statement that tends to upset people. When I or any other person who can see through the manipulations of the lower frequency manipulations, says such things, there is an understandable whiplash, so now… having gained some wisdom of my own, tend not to address such matters. I observe. This is the detachment that unnerves some people, especially those who feel they have to identify with a certain way of thinking to fit in. I don’t. Ever since childhood, I have had the ability to question everything, and this has now worked to my advantage. It certainly doesn’t mean that I am perfect — no one is at this level, but I can see some things more easily than others. Still, like Danielle said, the individual awakening process is very unique for each person. It isn’t possible to compare yourself to another or to judge others as lacking. Obviously, in my case, I chose to bring in this ability to see, as a means to assist me in what I came here to do. Each of you reading this also have your own gifts and abilities. Trump is courageous, much more courageous than I could ever be, so I am grateful for his gifts, and can appreciate what he and his family are going through during this battle with the DS.


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