Gregg Braden – DISCLOSURE: Who Benefits From It, and How?

Gregg Braden – DISCLOSURE: Who Benefits From It, and How?

Gregg Braden Official

John Peterson from the Arlington Institute, a US Navy funded think tank, cites 3 independent sources confirming that -ve ET groups have been driven out of our solar system by +ve ETs & in 2023 Deep State will collapse with departure of their overlords: Peterson’s scenario is supported by Gregg Braden in their Disclosure Agenda interview. Important to point out that this exact scenario was first introduced by Elena Danaan in 2021, which I discussed in Galactic Federations, Councils & Secret Space Programs. ~ Michael Salla

Notes to Readers:

This video covers the infiltration and insurgency of the Deep State into all systems, manipulating people. There is another group that is opposed to the dark acts of the Deep State, the Galactics…

Mr. Peterson covers the influence of the Prime Directive, partnership with off-world forces, raising the frequency of individuals (eliminating fear)… then you are not accessible to the efforts of the DS dark minions to affect you.

The Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation have driven the negative forces off the planet and out of the solar system, leaving the DS bereft of resources, directions, and assistance from their former controllers.

We are now dealing with the residual leadership of the Dark, the disclosure of their secrets… this year, driving humanity into a corner to where we have to change the essence of what we are.

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