Round Table Discussion Capt Kyle, Navy Spec Op Vet Tironianae, & SG Anon – Military Movement Updates

Round Table Discussion Capt Kyle, Navy Spec Op Vet Tironianae, & SG Anon – Military Movement Updates

Capt Kyle Patriots Voice Chat

Round Table Discussion with Capt Kyle, Navy Special Operator Vet Tironianae, and SG Anon. This Epic Round Table Discussion includes all the latest updates on military movement, geopolitical happenings and so much more!

Capt. Kyle first plays a short video about mind control methods to control the collective – divide and conquer. There have been growing attacks against SG Anon… It is UNITY that will grow our community. Our greatest power is our numbers and unity. We do not have to be idealogically aligned to work together.

We are all quantumly connected.

SG Anon shows his face for the second time (that I know of) and starts off on his topic, why would he go public. SG Anon has had a major security breech on his own privacy, having members of his family exposed.

These patriots have had their personal and family privacy breeched, SG Anon more recently, and Capt Kyle in the past. They discuss why people do this and how SG Anon is coping with this development…

Ti has to remain anomymous for the time being. There were some technical difficulties with his connection.

SG Anon has been doing a lot of work, research for his next audio presentation and spoke on it for a while. He feels the level of DECLAS is going to increase to the point where MSM can no longer control the narrative. He doesn’t feel we are at “the end”, but an exciting stage.

Then they begin to address current events… very good discussion.

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