Dealing with Ascension “Symptoms”

Notes to Readers:

Good advice, but when you’ve been enduring these “symptoms” for decades, they become a part of your life and it takes some adjustment.

Newbies who suddenly “wake up” might experience an intense desire to be alone, utterly, completely alone. Go with the flow. It’s okay. You’re not crazy. You may appear crazy to those who thought they knew you, but when your frequency is climbing, anything old gets left behind. Just what can consist of anything in your life, be it relationships, jobs, locations, money, beliefs, sometimes severe health issues… Although it may have been tougher on the ones who experienced this stuff decades ago before it became fashionable and better defined.

One word (or several) of advice: Don’t get hung up on labels. Expanding into the real You, will continue. You go inside and connect to Self. This is a very private and unique journey and cannot be stuck on a page and followed. You are in control, the pilot of your ship.

Have fun.


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