Juan O Savin Decode 1.24.23

Juan O Savin Decode 1.24.23

It is apparent Biden is on the way out. Juan is discussing the developments post Biden. Harris? Probably not as she was an anchor baby and not eligible for the office of POTUS. McCarthy for president? Maybe for temporary… Chess game going on.

House and Senate. Military. Cuban missile event is still in the future. Fiat dollar in relation to other currencies. What’s going to be the role of the information coming from whistleblowers that goes to Congress? People in various agencies who have contacted Congress; the Republicans will hear their stories now. More whistleblowers will come forward… erupting into a feeding frenzy. Leaks to the media, too.

Power plays are going on in Congress… Committee heads determine what information is heard by Congress.

Hunter Biden videos, pay off videos… A portion of the cartel families are fighting each other… Pelosi, Kerry, the children of the gov’t elites who were receiving money from foreign gov’ts.

Juan is discussing the players and pieces of this ultimate chess game…

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