The Aker and the Anunnaki — Galactic Anthropology

In (1) we could read and watch how the Nebu collapsed and how the Hive Queen lost control of ‘her’ Nebu Collective. In her 20th Contact video (2) Elena also told us about some ‘political’ issues related to the end phase of the Hive Queen (3) and she informed us about the fate of the […]

The Aker and the Anunnaki — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Our galaxy is vaster and contains more life forms than we can possibly comprehend right now.

Elena will be holding her next webinar on the 18th of February in case you’re interested. Alex Collier now holds a webinar every other Friday, with a focused Q&A on every other Thursday. Check their respective websites for more information.

Disclosure is here, but it’s coming through the People, not our cowardly/complicit governments.


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