Current Developments in Nataru, March 1, 2023

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Current Developments in Nataru – Elena Danaan, March 1, 2023

Notes by Eliza Ayres

In light of recent events taking place around Terra (Earth, Tierra, et al) I took a listen to Elena Danaan’s recent “update”, a distillation of the report given in her second webinar.

The first topic addressed was the recent spate of “UFO” objects being shot down, especially over Canada and the United States.  According to Elena’s Galactic Federation (GFW) contacts,. any objects shot down were NOT alien in origin, but man-made.

On January 7, 2023, Commander Thor Han Eredyon of the GFW made contact with a four-star general and handed over a physical object containing updated plans for disclosure and blueprints of free energy devices and advanced medical technology.  This encounter took place in the Blue Ridge Mountains in a D.U.M.B. manned by NORAD.  See videos from both Elena and Dr. Michael Salla establishing this occasion.

Fake Alien Invasion Narrative

The Deep State controlled elements of the U.S. military have begun to stage “events” to begin building a narrative around their long-planned fake alien invasion to counter real disclosure being made by benevolent ETs.  Any alleged spaceships that would appear would be man-made and run by black operations DS military.  The personnel running this black op would encourage people to broad the ships.  If they showed resistance, they would attempt to coerce or frighten them into submission.  This sort of activity is in direct violation of the Prime Directive, whereby if a person says “No!”, their wish will be respected.  The purpose of the ships is to cull the population.  Those taken would probably not be seen again.  Anyone who pushes this narrative is working as an agent, knowing or unknowingly, of the Deep State and regressive aliens.

The GFW is in the process of hijacking the narrative of the fake alien invasion.  For one thing, all… and I mean, ALL regressive ETs have been physically removed from our planet AND the solar system.  There are no cloaked regressive Reptilian or Gray ships hiding in our atmosphere or anywhere in the solar system.  The last regressives were removed in 2021.

So, who are you going to believe if the DS narrative gets louder and louder, as it probably will?  Elena suggests you listen to real contactees and experiencers, who have had physical contact with ET races.

Nebu Gray-Human Hybrid Narrative

Next, Elena briefly covered the Gray hybrid program to replace humans on Terra.  Yes, you heard me.  The tall Grays, the Eban, were primarily involved in this program, abducting mostly females to obtain eggs, or implanting the girls in order to obtain Gray-human hybrids. Know that there are real Gray-human hybrids living among us, who look human and have human souls.  They are fine as they carry human souls.  The ones to be concerned about are the mostly Gray (90%) human hybrids on board the Gray ships.  The story line presented about the regressive Grays is that they are “humans from the future”.  Only problem with this narrative is that Grays are a separate species, reptiloid/insectoid genetics NOT human genetics.  If any Gray hybrids attempt to enter this solar system, they will be kicked out by the GFW military forces who are actively patrolling our space.  The regressive Grays who have been involved in this hybrid program are the Eban, Xrog Zeta, and Solipsi Ra.

Collapse of the Orion Queen Hive AI

For those star seeds who were part of the Black League or Rebels during the long Orion Wars, you will be gratified and relieved to learn (if you don’t know already) that the Orion Queen AI Hive network has collapsed.  The systems that had been invaded by the Nebu are now in various states of freeing themselves from the despotic controls of the Nebu.  One of the systems is Sirius B (Thula), the siege of the Ashtar Collective.  Home world of the T-Ashkeri (Tash-ker-ee), a hybrid (benevolent) Gray-Taal human race were taken over long ago by the infiltration of the Nebu and their agents into that society.  A portion of the military fled and became the Ashtar Galactic Command, working with the Galactic Federation of Worlds, primarily as mercenaries and with advanced technologies.

Since I was unable to “attend” the webinar, I don’t know the details of the developments in the Sirius B system, but I do know that the Ashtar Command and the GFW have been giving aid to the people of those worlds to free themselves from the remnants of Nebu governance.

The history of the Orion Wars, the growth of the Nebu Empire, the defeat of the Black League, all contributed to the creation of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  This was the real “Star Wars” and it happened in this galaxy, not one far, far away.  We are still dealing with the echoes of that long ago conflagration that spread across the entire galaxy and took down much of the Old Empire of the Anu, those whom we know as the Anunnaki.

Now, for a present-day development, the benevolent Council of Five or Alnilam has been granted jurisdiction over the vast Orion Zone, “Uru An Na”.  The Council, formerly known as the Council of Nine, have been involved “in protecting Terra, way before the creation of the Galactic Federation of Words, which they joined later on as council representatives…” The Council of Five “do not have a rule of non-intervention.” (excerpts from “A Gift from the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”, page 233, The Council of Five, Elena Danaan).

On October 4, 2022, a GFW scientist, Denethor, cracked the code of the Orion Queen AI Hive.  A virus was sent through, and the hive has since collapsed.  Now, the Council of Five will oversee the re-establishment of the planetary hives for the Orion Grays.  All those star systems and worlds that were once invaded and controlled by the alien Hive are in various stages of liberation.

Alcyone – Jayha (the Dark Sister)

Currently, there is an effort to negotiate with the Taal-Shiar on Taalihara to realign themselves with the GFW rather than with their former ties to the Ciakahrr and the Nebu.  The individual spearheading the effort is a native of Taalihara, Akvaaru, who fled his home world as a young person when he realized the government was involved in the intergalactic slave trade with the Ciakahrr and Nebu.  Akvaaru, formerly a mercenary working with the GFW has taken on a new role as diplomat.  A little history… the Taal Shiar have been subjected to generational jealousy of their Ahel cousins in the Ashaara system (Taygeta).  The Taal Shiar have been aligned with the Ciakahrr/Draconis Reptilians and later with the Nebu, including the Maytra. As Elena put it, the Ciakahrr can be considered as the Mafioso of the galaxy, bullies, aggressive, militaristic, and a part of most of the major conflict for millions of years.

JP’s visit to Underground “Nordic” Base

Next, Elena referred briefly to one of the recent adventures of JP, a military/US Army contact of Dr. Michael Salla, who visited an underground “alien” base.  Elena recognized the name of their tall white blonde guide as being an Ahel one, perhaps establishing the true identity of these “Nordic” ETs as actually members of the GFW, who have an underground base on Terra, housing hundreds of ET starships, large and small.  During the visit, JP noted a strong fragrance similar to vanilla, which was strong enough for one man to faint due to an allergic reaction.  Elena stated that when she first met Thor Han physically after a long separation, she noticed a faint vanilla scent on him.  Thor Han explained that the scent comes from the essence of an orchid that grows on Erra.  The flower is the “national” plant of Erra.

This has been a brief run-down on the material covered by Elena.  You can watch her videos on YouTube or attend the re-play of her webinar, now available to purchase.  Go to Elena’s website for further details:

Lastly, Elena emphasized the importance for all of us to continue on with our “missions”, focusing on raising our individual frequency levels, being love, sending love out to the world.  By all working together, we will free ourselves and our planet from the ill-effects of the dominance of dark forces on this world.

One thing that Elena has emphasized throughout her lectures, updates, and books, is the importance of properly identifying the various sundry races and species “out there” in the galaxy and multiverse.  You can’t just slap on the label “Gray” or “Reptilian” or “Nordic” and really know who/what you are dealing with.  For instance, the Taal Shiar, a “Nordic” race has been affiliated with the Ciakahrr and Maytra in the intergalactic slave race, the purchase of humans for food, sex slaves, and labor.  If you know the real name of the star system it is better to use it rather than the Earth name assigned to the star or constellation by ancient astrologers/astronomers and more modern scientist, even those who “officially” question that life exists on other worlds.  Galaxies and star systems are not flat… neither are worlds/planets… but that’s another story.

Enough for now.  Listen to the video if you wish…


P.S. My readers might note that I am attempting to utilize the real names of star systems, planets, and peoples, even though for the sake of immediate understanding Elena also uses Earth terms and names.  Names carry a specific vibrational frequency resonance.  It is best to make an effort to learn the indigenous or terminology used by the ETs we will be encountering in the months and years to come as our society becomes a galactic society. Benevolent ETs cherish education and wisdom, even if Terrans do not.

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