FULL UPDATE – Ben Fulford – China calls for the end of WWIII, February 27, 2023

Note to Readers:

Click on link above to read the remainder of Benjamin Fulford’s latest geopolitical news and analysis. The war against the KM and Deep State is getting more overt. War has begun to expand into Eastern Europe with Belarus supporting Russia. Expect it to expand further, much further. NATO and the EU do not have the necessary arms supplies and military to fight the Russian Bear especially without the American military/cash being involved. There is a growing resistence from the European people against further support of the corrupt Ukrainian/KM/Nazi regime and their wholesale slaughter of civilians and men sent to the front without training or supplies.

The war is to destroy the KM, its extensive underground tunnel system that extends from the Levant to Sweden and spider-webs throughout Europe. This is to stop the biolabs, the genetic experimentation on humans, the adrenochrome production and slaughter of children, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, money laundering, and the creation of wars by the central banking system. All income streams for the DS/KM are being systematically destroyed/taken down to choke off their power structure.

The DS/KM is a rabid corner animal. Expect all the hidden terrorist cells to make themselves eviden in the coming days. Be alert out in public spaces, head on a swivel. False flags are incoming. Earthquake weapons may be activated against heavily populated areas, especially the West Coast of the United States. Have a plan for your family. Keep calm. This, too, shall pass…


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