A.I. Operated Clones — Galactic Anthropology

Gene Wilder (11) During my study of the testimony of Daryl James (1) I ran into this concept of Artificial Intelligence. I will get back to that in a future article, especially in connection with the people called Taal-Shiar from the Alcyone system (2,3), but first I would like to pay some attention to this […]

A.I. Operated Clones — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

You can read my comment on GA’s blog post for my take on this subject.

I might add the Eban are highly talented at soul scalping, which is probably the process performed on Mark and others.

To reclaim lost soul essence, you, as an individual soul, have the ability to call back or retrieve lost fragments, especially if those fragments were taken without your knowledge or consent. Once you are aware, you have every right and authority to break any agreements made under duress or traumatic circumstances, in order to regain your lost soul fragments. A good shaman can also assist in walking you through the technique which is an age-old one.

Once… probably more than once, I experienced the return of a soul fragment, of a native American male from the 19th century. His consciousness dropped into mine like a lost puzzle piece, without effort. I could feel him looking through my eyes and sharing my thoughts. It wasn’t possession or an malevolent entity. This was an honorable, kind, sad man who was looking through my eyes at the land his people were driven from long ago by the US Army.

~ Eliza

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