Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living

Agenda47: A New Quantum Leap to Revolutionize the American Standard of Living

D. J. Trump

Michael Salla: President Trump talks about a coming quantum leap in technology for Americans with private VTOL vehicles for civilians, flying cars, new cities, etc. This suggests release of classified new energy & antigravity technologies is coming soon:

Haben of Meton – Elena Danaan

Haben (dec 16 2022): All these technologies that you saw, existing 20 years from now are being produced now in this precise moment. Everything is real, everything exists already. It’s ready for when the people of Terra are ready. And a new leader will come, and the dark will vanish. Because the light will rise. All the real leaders will rise all over the planet, the planet Earth as you call it. And it is now, very soon, the time when you stand up and the hand that we held to you, you finally take it, and we are family. We are a family.

Do we want to see our cities and countryside descend into shambles? Or do we hold a dream for our country, actually for all countries. Trump, a businessman, holds a vision for America. You may not like him, but anyone with an open mind has seen the results of the rabid growth of communism, Satanism, and hedonism and what it is doing to our children, our future, our planet.

Enough of the lies. The Cabal is finished.

Listen to the story Elena Danaan relates above when she visits a Meton mothership and looks into a Time Travel device to peer into 20 years ahead for the future of planet Earth. She said: I was invited once again onboard the Proxima Centauri mothership and what I saw was so beautiful… Meton High Commander Haben showed to me the updates regarding the near future of Humanity of Earth and the technologies that are being mass produced at the moment, in preparation for this glorious time. He also has a message for you all, and so has Thor Han…

Note: You may have to go to YouTube to watch the video as the link doesn’t load up here.

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