The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I. — Galactic Anthropology

My (short) explorations of the work of Daryl James (1,2) have led me to the Taal-Shiar (3) and their dark link with something that is described as an artificial intelligence (4) called ‘Swaruu’. THE TAAL-SHIARIt was pure coincidence that I bumped into the Taal-Shiar last week, just at the moment that Elena Danaan mentioned them […]

The Taal-Shiar and the Swaruu A.I. — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

You can read the comment I made on GA. Daryl’s last name is James, not Jones, but I could not edit my comment.

Here is another comment I made during a Telegram chat with GA:

I have a feeling we will be learning more about our dark cousins, the Taal Shiar. This is not to say that all those who live on Taalihara are “bad” people. I would venture to say that many have been hoodwinked by their own government and belief systems. The Taal-Shiar have long been aligned with the Ciakahrr who are extremely talented in mind manipulation — they can invade your consciousness, something a benevolent ET would never do — although they can “hear” your thoughts through telepathy. This is an exploration of the levels of consciousness we have dealt with here in 3D. Some people have the misconception they will be saved by ETs. Which ETs? And is it wise to give your power away to anyone. Some of the regressive ETs are extremely intelligent, and can twist things around so you don’t know what is happening. Daryl James was unfortunate enough to be “captured” through a con committed by his own gov’t and the British… the ones aligned with the DS black operations SSP.

— The Taal Shiar worked closely with the military-industrial complex black operations, especially with the intergalactic slave trade. Mr. James is a very intelligent person — I would imagine they wanted access to his DNA, etc. He didn’t have the ability to make his own decisions or run his own life while in their control. The GFW personnel do NOT work like that — they respect the sovereignty of the individual.

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