Transparently Hiding… Again

Transparently Hiding… Again – COVID-19 Operation

David Martin World


David Martin establishes incontrovertible evidence that the entire COVID-19 operation was a criminal conspiracy years in the making but NOT at the hands of the CCP:

“…the Wuhan Institute of Virology was not merely funded by the CCP, but was for all intents and purposes created by the CIA, DoD, Pentagon, BigPharma and Fauci’s network of tax theft agencies and institutes. All of the Gain-of-Function technology that Wuhan was weaponizing came from Fauci’s bioweapons research point man Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina. In other words, this is not a China operation, and the intentional lab leak was not ordered by the CCP.

Of course, the virus was leaked so that the real bioweapon “vaccine” could be deployed.”

“…and the word is “release of a respiratory pathogen”

Who was going to benefit from this “release”?

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