Two U.S. States Call Covid Vaccines Bio-Weapon

  • NATO, 200K Ukrainian troops dead, Zelensky asking American troops for the front line, drafting children/old men and women to the front
  • UK only has enough weapons to last ONE DAY; same goes for the rest of the EU
  • Germany military forces have been depleted by the Leftist gov’t, no weapons production, 4 years behind
  • MSM is pushing a lie; DS are threatened by Putin
  • If Trump is POTUS, there would be no war
  • Ukraine is the money-laundering center for the DS
  • Bio-labs have been admitted by the US gov’t being in Ukraine
  • Biden Crime syndicate, more corruption is being revealed
  • Truth coming to the surface, political corruption
  • Matt Hancock Health Sec corruption
  • Masks, red states received toxic batches of vaccines
  • MSM is beginning to drop leaks, distractions?
  • 15 minute cities demonstrations
  • 2 states in U.S., county in FL is banning ALL vaccines as bioweapons, also in Ohio
  • Attack left-wing agenda at local level and then move up through the ranks
  • International emigration issues – U.S. ended the Covid restrictions or will soon
  • DS is panicking…

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Illumina CEO Explains How Pfizer & Moderna Created Their COVID Vaccines Without The Live Virus

“What’s interesting is Moderna has never had the live virus in their site. It was all a software problem.”

Nobody has actually isolated the ‘virus’ yet, we have zero proof that it even exists! It was all done through computer models from a sample taken from a dead person in Wuhan, ie, it could have been anything! So who knows what any of it actually is!

The vaccines were never meant to stop infection or transmission so having the actual virus was not important to them. The vaccines are a bioweapon, full stop.

(for the video from the WEF, go to Telegram, Laura Aboli Channel)

Note to Readers:

Viruses are not “real”; they are products of the body detoxing from poisons. No virus has ever been isolated. For further information, search, “Germ Theory”. What if everything we were ever told about viruses and even bacteria, was a lie? What if the things that are causing illness are man-made? Recent events are certainly suggesting this to be the case. The Western medical paradigm is failing the people because it was set up to destroy them. I know that is a big step for most people, but give it a think…

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