Benjamin Fulford & Dr. Salla – Special Interview, March 9, 2023

Interview with Dr. Michael Salla, expert in Exopolitics.

Points covered:

  • Government and corporate cover-up for various reasons
  • Free energy
  • Pharmaeutical industry would lose
  • Religions would collapse
  • Ben asks “Where is the hard proof?”
  • Asking about Secret Space Program
  • Dr. Salla claims there are documents, Robertson panel, etc.
  • Government wanted to dampen the enthusiasm about flying saucers
  • NASA thought knowledge about ET life would be destabilizing culture
  • What role did the Rockefellers’ have in hiding disclosure
  • Stephen Greer did work with Lawrence Rockefeller
  • Best documented cases of UFO sightings
  • Military, secret societies deny access to information
  • Secret rituals to connect to ETs, demons, summoning entities from other dimensions
  • etc.
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