X22 Report, Ep. 3015, March 8th, 2023

Ep. 3015a – The [CB] Just Said The Quiet Part Out-Loud, Fed Panic

The [WEF] they are pushing their agenda using their criminal syndicate to push the idea that climate change is real and they want the farmers to agree, this is failing. The [CB] let everyone know that the debt cannot be sustained. The Fed is panicking.

Note to Readers: The White Hats have been actively shutting down all illegal sources of income for the DS banking cartel.

Ep. 3015b – Trump: [DS] Should Be Tried For Fraud & Treason, Pain, Patriots Stand Ready, More Coming

 The [DS] is trying to stop the truth from coming out, all assets are deployed but they are losing the information war, they do not control the narrative. The people are seeing the truth and they will want accountability. Trump is calling for the arrest of the [DS], they should be tried for fraud and treason and the prisoners (from J6) should be released. More information is going to drop, and the [DS] is going to push the information war into a physical war, the patriots were counting on this, countermeasures are in place. 

Note to Readers:

Beware of false flags, especially in large cities, but not only there. Public spaces, railroads, trains, and planes…

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