Dutchsinse: Colorado Hit with 4.3 near Valdez

Colorado has been struck by a M4.3 earthquake along the craton edge directly next to hundreds of oil + gas drill points.

This follows the other same sized earthquakes (M4.3’s) which come down from the Pacific Northwest over the past 2 days (seen marked in pink on this screenshot)


Dutchsinse has a YouTube channel, although it has been heavily censored in the past by “the government”.

Note to Readers:

Dutchsinse has developed a way to predict some earthquakes, based on his mapping of the tectonic plates on the planet, the way the earthquakes follow the plate boundaries spreading out across the planet and sometimes pinging on the opposite side as the ELF waves go through the planet.

Above he is addressing the North American Craton, which encompasses a large portion of the land mass of the United States and Canada. I witnessed the volcanization in the region of the craton edge on my long-distance drive from the Pacific Northwest to Georgia, especially through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Having been around volcanoes, lava beds, and cinder cones for much of my adult life, I was able to identify much of the landscape I was passing through in the West was heavily impacted by ancient (and some not so ancient) volcanic activities and upthrust of the tectonic plates, building mountains.

The feature that especially surprised me was the huge volcanic complex north of Flagstaff, Arizona… the San Francisco Peaks. And then when I drove through west Texas, I noticed evidence of ancient lava flows, with chunky dark basalt and andesite rocks punctuating the rolling, grassy plains.

We live on a living Being. It is time we learned to respect Her.


San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff, Arizona
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