Great Pyramid Artifacts, Raven Rock Disclosure Plan & Underground ET Civilizations w/Elena Danaan, March 9, 2023


Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, discusses the March 2, 2023, announcement of a new chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Giza and what kinds of ancient artifacts might be found there. She explains that Dr. Zahi Hawass, the former leader of Egypt’s antiquities department, has for decades been muzzled by Freemasons from revealing the true extent of the advanced technologies and artifacts discovered under the Giza complex.

In a press conference on the new chamber, Hawass hinted at the fabulous artifacts that the chamber may lead. Danaan reflects on the significance of the new pyramid chamber announcement with what her extraterrestrial contacts told her about major rediscoveries of Earth’s ancient history that are on the way in 2023 and how these would involve the pyramids.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Danaan also comments on a January 7, 2023, meeting at the Raven Rock Mountain Complex attended by Thor Han Eredyon, where he passed on a disclosure plan developed by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to General Glen VanHerck, head of NORAD and US Northern Command. She explained why the plan had to be delivered person-to-person and shared her analysis of its contents. Danaan asserts that recent events, such as the multiple UFO shootdowns in the US and Donald Trump’s March 4 speech about flying cars, are part of the disclosure plan.

She also discusses a February 8, 2023, update by the US Army insider JP, who revealed how his team was led by a 7 feet tall Nordic-looking individual named Jaseet, into an underground city and an extraterrestrial spaceport in Florida. JP identified a strong vanilla scent around these structures and plans for future flyovers of hundreds of flying saucer craft. Danaan says the vanilla scent is very likely associated with the national flower of the Errahel (aka Ahel) civilization from the planet Erra in the Taygeta system of the Pleiades constellation, and that the name Jaseet is a common Errahel name.

Dr Michael Salla points out how the above developments and other events corroborate Danaan’s remarkable revelations from her Galactic Federation of Worlds sources. For a full list of corroborating data for her revelations that has been compiled by Disclosure Project witness, Dan Willis, see: Finally, Elena Danaan discusses her upcoming March 19 webinar on Crowdcast.

Elena Danaan’s website is:

Freemasons have had the ability to supress the public’s knowledge of the presence of ancient technology in Egypt (and other sites). The Freemasons are losing power, their grip over these ancient sites that indicate the interaction of Earth humanity with ETs.

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