The Sum of All Fears – by The Storm Rider

The Sum Of all Fears< by The Storm Rider

In the movie, The Deep State lower level Powers, are given the green light and bring the United States & Russia into a near Death civilization EVENT ( FULL NUCLEAR WAR) …

because the DEEP STATE is trying to overthrow Russia and need to cause chaos, a FALSE FLAG_EVENT, and bring U.S. And Russian into Cuban missile crisis situation….

But back channels between Russia and U.S. White HATS will save the world and stop the nuclear war.

There is much to learn in this movie… And unfortunately, bad things happen before the peace is regained<

There is a huge reason Q shared this information.

There is a huge reason I let everyone know in January 2012, we were headed into NUCLEAR EVENTS_
Now the DEEP STATE is getting

In the beginning of the movie, Russia is blamed for an ATTACK on another country (which they did not do).

But from Russian Military standpoint, they do not dismiss the blame, but embrace the Situation< which will lead out to finding the Deep State players in their regime and the real enemy within…..

Right now, the District of Columbia, NATO, the United Nations, the ROCKEFELLERS, OBAMA [DS] etc., are desperate to stop all the EXPOSURE////
A few days ago, I WARNED all the Military WIRES: were going CRAZY and Military INTEL were expecting a huge EVENT to hit in the coming days or weeks/////

It’s getting hot as the Deep State is being cornered…

And getting desperate for a MASSIVE FALSE FLAG EVENT to start FULL WAR and hide their crimes inside a War pandemic.


>>> STAGING a Narrative///
Telegraphing their moves…

Russian Submarine ‘Pops Up’ Off The US Coast; Military Expert Says Deployment Resembles Soviet-Style Tactics

Please watch the movie

We are coming close to the scare necessary _EVENT,
That so many of us have been Warning you about the past 2 years this way coming….

~ ~ ~

Note to Readers:

For those skeptics out there, this is not a game; it is a movie, being played out like a Game, based on military law, Game Theory, Continuity of Government (COG)… and Trump is the Commander in Chief. Biden is a puppet, forced to play a role… and he isn’t even the real Biden who was executed a while back.

You are about to witness the KM criminal cartel banking system totally crash, the MSM flip, the members of Congress vote seemingly against their will… as the real threat of being tired for treason before a military tribunal has been laid before them, without the opportunity to appeal. Treason = execution, not a prison sentence.

Prepare accordingly. Breathe. Practice remaining in your center.

The Game is being played out for the sleepers — I hope none of my readers are included in that statistic. I am aware that at least 30% of the population will not wake up; they are too invested in their conditioning and belief systems.

Sometimes, people have to be taken the edge before they are willing to see the Dark for what it truly is… you know, that precipice thing Q has been talking about since… 2018? Are you laughing, now?

Remember, our Creator made all things, dark and light. Both are necessary for evolution. Without a kick in the pants now and then, people settle for what is easy and known. Now, we are all being forced out of our comfort zones and into a fuller awareness of what and who we truly are.

I wish you all well.


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