Tik Tok – The Clock is Ticking for the DS

by Harry the Soul Coach

TIKTOK was taken control by Donald Trump in 2020

We are about to find out all of the truth coming out about TikTok and China, this truth would put most the world in hospital and the other people would be looking to gun down these EVIL PEOPLE.

This is why we have had to control the information.

The war is about to be pushed on us. Remember we have already won. It had to be this way.

In August 2020, Trump put out a letter to The Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) explaining the threat of TikTok, this was optics to shown the world, that with such a security threat this was, The Speaker did not do anything to action it to get it banned.


The same thing we have seen with Jan 6th, declining 10,000 national guards and holding onto 14,000 hours of video footage.

She held onto things that kept their dark acts, secret. The people can now see that they continue to use the same playbook each time.

The same day, he released an executive order addressing the threat of TikTok owed by ByteDance.


Just 8 days later, Trump gives the order for the acquisition of ByteDance. We took it all.


A month later, Trump tells us that Tiktok is now owned by 2 American Companies:

Oracle – James Ellison and Walmart

All the data collected was then kept safe and remained in America.


Tiktok will come crashing down for a temporary amount of time; John Mcafee posted that it will transfer to the new Everything/Q app.

We are going Quantum Entanglement in what we describe as a Quantum leap.

Enjoy the Great Awakening!

Harry The Soul Coach
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