SG Anon Audio File #43, March 10, 2023

Original Obama Gone | Trump Comms Pointing at “GO” | Supreme Court Corruption Exposure Coming

SGAnon discusses recent communications from the Commander-in-Chief regarding status of Operations WW, as well as Russia and China, the coming “War in the Pacific 2.0”, and the dispensing of the original Hussein Obama.

Listening now. Will add notes later…

  • Mentor has passed away
  • Personal discernment is the most important tool for everyone
  • #45 Comms
  • March 6th: Truth Social decodes, retruthed Q post “Patton and Patton’s speech”
  • Division is man-made, focus on the mission
  • Shadow government, group think, preventing exposure of truth
  • Unity is humanity, pray for strength (Q drop), remember the mission
  • Rupert Murdoch, stuffed ballots, 17% difference in the vote, they cheated…
  • Rogue nuclear states – connected to Deep State
  • 12:49 EST Democrats are attempting to steal another election
  • Rigg the election, prosecutors (city, state, federal) DOJ needs to be stopped
  • 452, enough is enough [g] [o]
  • Infiltration at all levels world-wide, systematic dismantling of DS
  • We are in the “end game” now
  • What still needs to happen next — exposure to the core of the “rot”
  • We are living through declas process
  • North Korea, Asiatic set-up, pseudo WW scenario in Pacific theater
  • China is going to take Taiwan
  • Highlighting where the rot goes, who is real ally
  • Rocky ride for a while
  • Dropping DS out of power FOREVER; we are finding every one of these traitors (to humanity)
  • Obama and Biden have been dealt with… mark of dishonor, represented by dummies
  • Levers of control – SCOTUS, fulcrum, COG, serious corruption w/n the Court not fully exposed yet – every area of the Justice system has to be examined
  • SCOTUS treason, money laundering… will be exposed soon
  • Roberts was involved in gigantic child-trafficking ring (w/ Pence, too)
  • 12/26/22 donors, McCutcheon, legalized bribery, Hilary, DNC, campaign donations – Campaign Funding, complexity, Joint Fundraising Committee
  • Direct contributions to candidates, Democratic leaders
  • SCOTUS ruled that chocolate makers could not be held to account for abuses in Africa, child slavery
  • etc.
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