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JP Mission to Ancient Artifacts & Civilizations found in Grand Canyon

Dr. Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

In his most recent covert mission, my US Army source JP was sent to the Grand Canyon as part of a six-man team to investigate ancient artifacts found in a large cavern complex. JP describes how a boat that navigated a river gained access to the cavern and that, once inside, his team explored multiple chambers.

JP described several members of the team as archeologists and language experts who commented on the cavern’s contents. Inside the chambers, his team found hieroglyphics and other writings on walls that the archeologists identified as Egyptian and other ancient languages. JP also saw golden metal tablets with writings similar to what Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church, claims to have witnessed in the 1800s.

His team saw many sarcophagi of varying sizes with preserved mummies inside. JP finally saw a flying saucer craft in one of the chambers and went inside to explore it. It was built for a small race of humanoids approximately 4 feet in height. His team had to crouch as they explored the perfectly preserved craft and interacted with its equipment. JP believed the craft belonged to an early civilization of the Ant People, who he had met on earlier missions.

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From Michael Salla: I found an article dated April 5, 1909 from the Phoenix Gazette about a G.E. Kinkaid who found an underground city in the Grand Canyon which he accessed by a wooden boat. He then participated in a mission funded by the Smithsonian Institute which found Egyptian/Oriental artifacts inside a massive cavern system with multiple chambers, hieroglyphs on stone tablets, mummies, etc. All reported by the Kinkaid expedition matches what JP says he witnessed in his Grand Canyon mission. The Gazette story is here:

For some “historical” context:

Note to Readers:

I’ve been aware of this site for several years now… it has been a “conspiracy theory” in New Age and disclosure circles. The Smithsonian and U.S. government shut down any exploration in the area for decades (over a century). It has been forbidden fruit to any curiosity seekers.

Why, you might be asking yourself. For one thing, the find (which was real) smashes the paradigm of conventional timelines and archaeology, never mind the mixture of religious icons found at the site. How could Egyptian and Buddist statues be found in the wildest region of United States territory?

I guess we will be finding these things out soon…

And don’t the Hopi people have legends about being helped by Ant People after a major cataclysm?

Ancient rendition of Ant People
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