Juan OSavin Throw Down w Capt Kyle, Kelly, Tironianae & Mel Carmine QFS XLM Nesara Gesara, March 11, 2023


This chat is so explosive you’re going to need some shades 😎

Hello again,

Here is the long awaited Explosive Part 2 (full version) of our chat with Captain Kyle, Tironianae, Kelly, Mel Carmine and Juan O’Savin.

We have to remember that Juan can only say so much, but I do believe he was pushed to say more than he might have wanted to

Also give the video time to upload here, as you open it you’ll notice the little clock trying to upload it to your device to play before it’ll play.

Hope you enjoy this very spicy chat

Here is the Link to CaptKyle Patriots Rumble channel to share outside of telegram.


~ ~ ~

Note to Readers: This video (audio only) is over two hours long. I haven’t yet reviewed it.

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