Wonderful Examples of New Earth with Katherine MacBean of PHA and PFFA

Wonderful Examples of New Earth with Katherine Macbean of the PHA and PFFA, March 12, 2023

Pam Gregory

We are receiving multiple X and M class flares – cosmic and solar energies. If you are feeling grumpy, stiff/achy… that’s why.

I’ve been seeing the sparkley “diamond” light when I go outside.

We are becoming more light… we are evolving VERY rapidly.

Downward causation – lower frequency energy starts to disintegrate.

Photonic light is shining a bright light into dark corners. We are in an evolutionary time. The old order has to collapse.

Pam explains the astrology behind all of this.

Oh, yes… sleepy? Or not sleeping? Fatigued? Join the club. Take it as evidence of our upgrade and ascension.

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