Missing Persons and the UFO Connection – Interview with David Paulides

Missing Persons and the UFO Connection – Interview with David Paulides

Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

Dave Paulides spent twenty years in law enforcement and held senior executive positions in the technology sector before becoming interested in missing persons cases in national parks and wilderness areas. He subsequently wrote 11 books on missing persons and produced several documentary films. In his 2022 documentary Missing 411: The UFO Connection he explores missing persons cases and their connection to UFO sightings, which often involved triangle-shaped craft.

He identifies some common themes in missing person cases such as them not leaving any tracks, scents, and leaving their belongings behind. Most intriguing was that those cases he investigated were all male hunters who had German ancestry. A significant fact is that one individual of German ancestry who was returned because he was infertile. Those taken and not returned were capable of biological reproduction.

In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla he responds to questions whether missing people have been taken off planet by Gray aliens, walked through portals into parallel realities, taken into the Inner Earth, or have been taken by a German secret space program to enrich their off-planet gene pool. This latter explanation is augmented by his discovery in his previous investigations that an unusually high percentage of missing persons in national parks were found to be young German male scientists.

The evidence presented by David Paulides in his best-selling documentary Missing 411: The UFO Connection raises many troubling questions and provides compelling circumstantial evidence for a German secret space program created after World War II.

David Paulidis website is https://www.canammissing.com/missing_…

Note to Readers:

Real life X-files… portals and wormholes. Triangular ships… perhaps the Killy-Tokurt?* or DS black operations? TR3B ships from DS secret space operations or the Dark Fleet, the break-away civilization.

People who have disappeared “in the wild” all over the world.

  • Killy – Tokurt, for further information, go to page 282, Elena Danaan, A Gift From the Stars: Book of Alien Races.

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