Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: War on the Elite, March 17, 2023

Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: War on the Elite

It is important to look closely at Andrew Jackson’s war on the banking cartel. He was the only President to bring the national debt to zero and when asked what his greatest achievement was:
He agreed he killed the bank.

Look what Trump said about him and think about the banking system as it is today.
It’s all connected!

Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump: War on the Elite The similarities between Trump and Jackson deserve a closer look.

As we know, the hidden hand of slavery is being propagated by the banking cabal and few are even aware of it. But it was Andrew Jackson’s relentless quest for independence from them that gave America the only debt-free moment in its history.

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Literal panic in DC as Congress under Andrew Jackson ousted the bank while Jackson vowed he would root out the snake pit. Here’s the thing: Congress voted to censure Jackson. He must have overshot the mark if you ask me.

Congress attempted to override Jackson’s veto, which would have ended the grip on the states.

And listen to this: the bank admittedly planned to crash the economy itself. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

They attempted to block transparency with a subpoena that arrived at their door. January 8, 1835: Jackson pays off all national debts. He was the only president who ever paid off the debt.

Just weeks after he rid America of its debt, a “lone gunman” attempted to assassinate Jackson.

It’s the same script every time. He failed, but boasted that the elites instigated him to do so, pleaded insanity, and then accidentally died shortly after his acquittal. How are the chances? JFK, Andrew Jackson, Robert Kennedy and Ronald Reagan all dealt with a perceived villain who was after them as they defied the elite bankers/cabal and I’m sure there are many more cases like this . Once you see the patterns, you can’t see life the same way. If you stand up to the cabal, they will try to eliminate you just like that to send a message.

Jackson handicapped bankers so badly that it took them more than seven decades to recover.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment was, he said “I killed the bank”.

Listen to Trump’s comments about the Civil War and Andrew Jackson and really think about what he might be saying here…

“People don’t realize… the Civil War… When you think about it, why? People don’t ask that question, but why did the Civil War happen? Why couldn’t it be settled? I mean, Andrew Jackson would have been a little later , had it not been for the civil war. He was a very tough person but he had a big heart (which is reminiscent of Trump). He was really angry when he saw what was happening regarding the civil war and he said, ‘ There’s no reason for it.'”

But what was Andrew Jackson so angry and upset about? We’ve already established that: it was the elite bankers! The bankers have created countless wars in the name of profit, playing off both sides.

The civil war was orchestrated by the cabal and Trump is saying so right now.

Donald Trump is most likely compared to Andrew Jackson:

“Andrew Jackson was a rough and tumble frontiersman and remained so all his life… He killed a man in a duel… He was shot at by a future senator… When he moved into the White House, South Carolina threatened it to stop paying his taxes on imports (duties) When Jackson heard this, he spoke of hanging someone for treason…

In retrospect, he was recognized as one of our greatest…

Jackson was greatly admired for his integrity, honesty and outspoken speech.

The national debt disappeared during Jackson’s presidency. (That’s the key) Andrew Jackson famously said he was “born for a storm, and calm doesn’t suit him”. His fiery and outspoken temper angered some, but it was precisely this attitude that gave him the tools to cope with the challenges of his day. Does that remind us of anyone? Donald Trump, a badass New Yorker, was undoubtedly able to endure the slings and arrows of constant mainstream media ridicule. Few could have taken the burden he carried without breaking. March 15, 2017: Donald Trump celebrates Andrew Jackson.

March 15, 2023, as the banking crisis unfolds: Dan Scavino highlights this speech again. Trump on Andrew Jackson:

“It was during the revolution that Jackson first confronted and defied an arrogant elite.

Trump on Andrew Jackson’s victory:

“He retook the people’s government from an emerging aristocracy. Jackson’s victory shook the establishment like an earthquake. The defeated President’s secretary of state, John Quincy, called Jackson’s victory ‘shameful and disgusting’. Oh boy, does that sound familiar.. The Washington political class had good reason to fear Jackson’s great triumph: “The rich and powerful,” Jackson said, “too often bend government actions to their selfish ends. Jackson warned that they had turned the government into an engine of support for the few at the expense of the many.

Andrew Jackson was the people’s president.” Andrew Jackson’s fight against the bankers reminds me exactly of Trump’s inaugural speech, in which, with the military behind him, he says that a small group of elites have been exploiting the people for too long.

”That all changes from here and now. We are at a crossroads in human history. What really matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.”

The central bankers, the Rothschilds, Soros and the other hidden hands have paid off both sides of every party and Trump has come to change the status quo as Andrew Jackson did in his day. Trump on Andrew Jackson:

“He launched a campaign to completely root out corruption in government…He fought the centralized financial power that weighed on our citizens’ bills… He imposed tariffs on foreign countries to protect American workers. It’s coming very familiar to me… Andrew Jackson has been called many names, accused of many things, and made many enemies through his fight for change.Today, the portrait of this orphan son-turned-President hangs proudly in the Oval Office. I have that Andrew Jackson portrait brought there… Directly behind me over my left shoulder.”

And now a central bank catastrophe is on the horizon.

But is she part of the plan to free us from this debt slave system? Knowing who the enemy was, Andrew Jackson fought tooth and nail to stop them, nearly taking his life. Will America be freed from the bankers again in our lifetime?

The time will tell.

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