The Divine Matrix

Gregg Braden – Our Most cherished Ancient Spiritual Technology Explained

@GreggBradenOfficial – Gaia Exclusive MISSING LINKS Series Preview: Re-broadcast by request from Gregg’s channel subscribers. Follow this link to watch the full series, plus over 8,000 conscious expanding content, including the very best of Gregg Braden’s Missing Link Series, Human by Design, and Pure Human

Gregg Braden introduces us to a lost form of prayer that helps us move beyond the problems we are facing and become a part of the solution. This is something that is practiced by many indigenous cultures and is present within the lost Gospel of Thomas. From this, we gain a new model of creation where consciousness plays an active role in informing us through our own creations.

“I felt the feeling what it feels like when the rain falls…” NOT praying for rain.

Internal feeling-based prayer.

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